Why Do Businesses Need Corporate Videos?
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Why Do Businesses Need Corporate Videos?

Videos over the last few years have been a popular choice among businesses to effectively market their brands. Videos have the power to communicate the messages rightly to the audience by appealing to their visual and auditory sensations. Well-crafted corporate videos help in storytelling that facilitates audience engagement and brand awareness. 

What is Corporate Video Production?

Corporate video production is the process of creating videos by businesses to promote or communicate messages to customers, employees and stakeholders. It can range from videos directed for internal purposes like training and recruitment to the ones needed for external marketing reasons like product demos and testimonial videos.  

Corporate video production typically involves a team of professionals, including directors, videographers, scriptwriters, models and editors, who work together to ensure that the final product meets the client’s expectations and effectively communicates the intended message. Generally, an organization has an in-house team or hires a video production services agency to carry out the video creation process.  Videos are distributed through various channels such as company’s website, social media, conferences and other events. 

There are three phases of video production: 

  • Pre-production: This phase involves nailing down the video objectives, ideating scripts, storyboarding, scouting the location, crew members, deciding the equipment and scheduling.  
  • Production: This is the phase where actual filming happens 
  • Post-production: This is the wrap-up phase where the final look of the video is finalized through editing, adding sound effects, graphics and animations. 

What is the importance of corporate video production? 

Some of the primary reasons businesses create corporate videos are: 

  • Videos help to tell a story in an entertaining and captivating way. As a result, they form the best way to create brand awareness and familiarize viewers with company’s ethos and culture. 
  • Videos are likely to be watched more by customers than a piece of text. They stick better in the audience’s memory as they combine visuals with audios. 
  • Videos can be shared on social media. They trigger comments and discussions about the business. When people share your videos through social media, it becomes free advertising– your customers doing the marketing for you!  
  • Videos help to build trust between the brand and the customers by keeping them engaged in the relevant information shared. 
  • Search engines prioritise video content mostly in results for popular search queries. Videos help in better SEO. 
  • Videos increase sales by raising conversion rates. 

Besides the above-stated reasons, some of the 2023 video marketing statistics from Wyzowl, a leading animated video production company showcase how videos are dominating the business ecosystem.  

  • 91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool in 2023 
  • 96% of video marketers say video marketing has increased user understanding of their product or service 
  • 91% of companies say video marketing has helped them increase traffic 
  • 87% of companies say video marketing has helped them increase sales and dwell time on their website. 
  • 89% of people say watching a video has convinced them to buy a product or service 
  • 96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service 
  • 51% of people are more likely to share videos with their friends than any other type of content, making video comfortably the most ‘shareable’ type of online content.  

What are the different types of corporate videos?

Videos flooding across social media, edtech platforms and other streaming mediums inspire, educate, inform and entertain the viewers. But every video content has a goal, a specific message and is created for a specific audience. As marketer, you must be acquainted with the different types of corporate videos. 

Company Profile Video 

A good company profile video must encapsulate your company, brand, products and services. It must focus on your vision, values, purpose to exist in the market, problems that you are addressing, and a direct message about why and how you are different from your competitors. This video must be embedded on your homepage or About us target audience, conferences for start-ups, or even LinkedIn followers. Check out Indievisual’s introduction video for our audience. 

Explainer Video 

An explainer video is an informative video that describes a particular product, service, cause or process thoroughly. This allows the audience to easily understand a complex thing or get an overview of the same. Try to make it short and vibrant to engage the viewers. You can experiment with different formats ranging from live action to animated videos. Check out one of our first explainer videos detailing out ‘how to upload videos and/or images on Indievisual’. 


Testimonial Video

A good testimonial video displays customer reviews and feedback about your product or service. The video must highlight the problem the customer was having, why he/she chose the product/service, how it helped to solve the problem, benefits and features of the product/service. Some of the clients themselves create testimonial videos (User-generated content) which you can use for your marketing. Share the testimonials on your website and social media platforms – use them in sales pitches and marketing emails. This video helps in influencing buying decisions and establishing credibility. Here’s two testimonials from two of our expert contributors. 

Product Video

A good Product video showcases the features and functionality of your product or range of products. They give in-depth know-how about how a product works, its unique features, what problem it solves, and how it benefits the user. It is effective in generating leads and subsequent conversions. Place it on your website, particularly on the product page – share on social media channels, email marketing, press release and omnichannel retail campaigns. A classic example of a good product video was this ad made by New Lays India.

Event Video

From conferences to team-building activities, product launches to award nights, board meetings to training, trade shows to CSR initiatives – the event video captures the event the company hosted or participated in. This video can be a simple compilation of the highlights of the event or include live coverage of the entire event. It helps to boost brand awareness and establish credibility and trust in your brand. It gives an insight into your company’s culture and ethos. You can share it on social media, news networks, or directly on your website.  Have a look into Infosys’ event video on driving quality engineering industry. 

Educational Video 

An Educational video is an informative video helping viewers know, understand, learn or deepen their knowledge about a specific product, service, policy or programme. Businesses invest in educational videos to help the audience, community and customers grasp complicated information in an easy-to-understand format. These videos can be in the format of training videos, tutorial/how-to videos, explainer videos, product demonstrations and internal communication videos and recruitment videos. Check out this cooking tutorial of Tastemade India, that hosts a community of food and travel enthusiasts. 

Interview Video

As the name suggests, a corporate interview video features one person or a group who sit down to talk about your business, in a Q & A conversational format. The main aim of this video is to delve deeper and discuss a topic that relates to your business. Interviews are a great option to expand the reach, educate the audience and establish a community around your brand’s niche. They can include founder stories, interviews with thought leaders, customers and employees, business introductions and product launch tales. 

Ad Commercials 

Ad commercials are like those superheroes in the marketing arsenal. They constitute the creative ways of weaving a story of your brand, a product or a service, in a manner that capture audience attention and imbibe important messages in their minds. They have that human touch and emotive appeal to connect to your audience. As a brand, your commercials must be crafted to cut through the clutter and stand out with a message that’s relevant, different, and effectively resonates with your brand. Instream video ads and out-stream video ads are the two ways marketers can publish video ads. Instream video means a video ad that appear mid-roll, pre-roll, or post-roll in a video that a viewer is already watching. An out-stream video ad is a video ad that is embedded into an article or blog post. 

What should I look for in a corporate video production company? 

Whether you want to revamp the look of an old showreel or want to create a new promo- you’ll need to find a corporate video production company. Since videos are very powerful tools in your marketing strategy that can generate high ROI, the video production company you hire for your custom shoots should be equipped to deliver high-quality corporate videos. Select a company that understands your ideas and has the right mix of strategic vision, talent, experience, and commitment to bring your project to life. 

The key things to consider before hiring a corporate video production company are outlined below. 


Reviewing the portfolio and showreel of the production agency is a must before committing to it. They give you a glimpse of their past works, style, creative and technical abilities, niche, type of projects and concepts they have worked on. It would also help you to gauge whether the company would be able to match your vision and objectives. In the process, you might come across a concept that excites you and you would like to use the same in your project. Here’s is our showreel for you to check.


A novice company and team might not be the best choice always if you want to curate a high-budget pro-looking commercial. It is always easier for a seasoned agency to translate your goals into reality. It is likely that it has worked around similar concepts earlier and can give in better inputs to support your objectives. It also has a thorough understanding of the target audience, the challenges and opportunities, industry trends and regulations. More important than years in business, is accomplishments, clients served, previous works and testimonials from previous clients. 


There is no direct tangible metric to track the professionalism of a company. But you can get some ideas while interacting with the company. Are they very rigid and want to do things on their terms? Are they responsive? Do they negotiate badly? Are they arrogant? You should check the customer reviews to get a clue about their working culture. Three key things you should look for in the video company when focusing on professionalism are timely deliveries, quality commitments, communication patterns and customer services. 


Video production is a costly affair, but you should not compromise on the quality to save a few bucks. Scout for a company that quotes competitive pricing without sacrificing quality and offers detailed breakdown of pricing, allowing you to optimize your video production budget and understand the costs associated with different elements. 


Creative thinking blended into the video can make your video stand out. Creative mettle can turn any concept into an engaging and impactful video. Look out for a team that offers unique ideas to make your video leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

Production Quality

You must review the previous works of the companies to check the standard of videos created by them. How is the lighting? Does the video look too dark or too bright? Does it look like a pro-level video generally used in a movie or documentary? Is the sound or voiceovers in sync with the visuals? The “say it, see it” rule as claimed by many video production companies should be visible in their works.  

To ascertain the quality, you must check their equipment and software as well. A company using the latest equipment and cutting-edge post-production software has a significant impact on the final product. The right technology can also help to ensure timely deliveries due to efficient workflows and speedy turnaround times. 


What kind of clients they have worked with before? Have they worked for clients of a similar scale or industry as yours? Names of big giants in the portfolio don’t necessarily mean that the video production company can be the best bet for you. But it adds credibility. Knowing the earlier clients also will help you in judging whether the video production agency is suitable for you. If you are an SME, you might not be able to afford a video production company that serves the big brands. You then need to find one that caters to smaller businesses.

Production Process 

Knowing the entire process from concept to final cut is very essential. This will give clarity about the effort, resources, and time that the production team will dedicate to creating the video. It will help to address the potential issues, know what and when to expect. It will also ensure that the video is delivered timely within the budget, and to your satisfaction. 

Complete Service

Try to hire an agency that provides full service and has all the expertise from concept development to delivery. This means the video production services company will take care of scripting, storyboarding, location, crew members, editing, color grading, audio mixing, and other pre- and post-production services to create a high quality polished professional piece. 

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What is the recommended length for a corporate video? 

Since the attention span of people is getting shorter these days – the length of the corporate video needs to be optimised to get people not only hooked but also to compel them to proceed to the next step. Mobiles are the most popular medium to watch videos. Businesses must consider how long people will stick around without losing interest and skipping to the next attention-grabbing thing. 

There is no ideal length for a corporate video. The optimal length of a corporate video depends on a few factors like the platform the video will be posted, the target audience and their level of understanding and the kind of message being sent out. 

Social Media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are places where users scroll by quickly. Videos to be shared on these platforms should be short and snappy not exceeding a minute. LinkedIn and YouTube are platforms where people may stick around for long informative videos if the lengths are justified.  

Corporate videos shorter than 2 minutes do better overall than long videos. A video ranging in duration from 30 seconds to 90 seconds typically sees around maximum engagement. Generally social media videos, promo videos, product videos, company culture videos or videos, where the attention of viewers needs to be grabbed should be short and punchy within 2 minutes. Else, there will be a drop-off. The rule of thumb is ‘shorter is always better’. That is why YouTube bumper ads of 6 seconds are commonly used by different brands for brand awareness.  

There are instances where content requires longer video than 2 minutes. This happens in cases of how-to videos and tutorial videos where the goal is not to grab attention but rather to inform – this can take a long time. Duration extending up to 10 minutes makes sense in these cases. However, even if a video is interesting, most people just can’t watch a long 10-minute video. Since video engagement is crucial it is advisable to break down a long maybe a 15-minute video into three 5-minute video series. Shorter videos do garner more engagement. 

Videos have become the best tool for businesses to stand out in the crowd. Videos are proving to be an effective way to get and remain close and personal with your audience. The more they know about you and your unique and creative messages, the more likely they are to remain loyal to your brand. Want to create that eye-catching compelling video piece to boost your brand – try Indievisual’s Video Production Services

Need a Company Profile Video, An Explainer Video, or a Product Shoot?

Whatever kind of video you need, we’ll get it done. Whatever your budget.