The Impact of Corporate Culture Videos on Organizational Growth and Brand Perception
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The Impact of Corporate Culture Videos on Organizational Growth and Brand Perception

Imagine a workplace where every story, every desk, and every smile tell a part of the bigger picture. This isn’t just a space where people come to work; it’s where they come to think, innovate, and connect.  

Corporate culture videos bring this picture to life, offering a window into the soul of a company. As a  corporate video-making company, we understand the essence of what these productions represent. They aren’t just videos. They’re about storytelling, capturing a company’s journey, its values, and its aspirations.  These are all wrapped into a compelling narrative that resonates deeply with employees, customers, and partners alike. 

The Essence of Corporate Culture Videos 

Corporate culture videos are like a special lens that lets you peek inside a company. Imagine walking through the doors of an office and seeing what’s really going on: how people work together, what makes them smile, and what they’re passionate about. These videos capture all that and more. They’re short films telling the story of a company’s heart and soul – its culture.  

They show real people – the employees – talking about what they love about their jobs, how they contribute to the company’s mission, and how they grow and thrive together. It’s not just about showing off a cool office space or fun team events. It’s about sharing the real human experiences that make the company unique.  

In simple terms, a corporate culture video is a way to show the world what it’s like to be part of a company, what the company stands for, and why it’s a great place to work and do business. 

Take a look at the company culture video from Terakeet, an owned asset optimization partner for brands. The staff members share their enthusiasm for the company’s people-centric approach, dynamism and support for personal career ambitions. This approach not only highlights the excitement of the employees about their roles but also reflects the company’s commitment to fostering a work environment focused on growth and well-being. 

Impact on Organizational Growth 

Let’s find out how corporate culture videos directly influence the growth curve of an organization. 

  • Attracting and Retaining Talent: A well-crafted corporate culture video acts as a magnet, drawing in professionals who strike a chord with your company’s ethos. It paints a vivid picture of life within the organization, encouraging not just any talent, but the right talent to join and stay. 
  • Fostering Innovation and Collaboration: These videos on organizational culture highlight and celebrate the spirit of teamwork and creativity. They inspire employees to bring forth their best ideas and work collaboratively towards common goals, driving the organization forward. 

Clari put together its corporate culture video showcasing its workplace as a place of inclusion and teamwork. It emphasizes how every team member’s input and efforts are crucial in advancing the organization’s mission and creating meaningful change. 

  • Strengthening Internal Communication: Culture videos serve as a unifying force, aligning employees with the company’s mission and values. They form a pivotal part of a company’s comprehensive internal communication strategy. They also ensure that everyone, regardless of their role or location, is on the same page. 
  • Enhancing Employer Branding: Showcasing your vibrant workplace culture through these videos elevates your stature as a preferred employer. This attracts top-tier talent and sets you apart in the job market. 

Through a concise three-minute narrative, this company culture video effectively showcases how Imprivata prioritizes its people, highlighting initiatives like training programs, management development courses, and resources for personal and financial wellness. This peek into its dynamic culture can encourage the right talent, appealing to those seeking a workplace that invests in and celebrates its workforce. 

Influence on Brand Perception 

Let’s explore how corporate culture videos reshape and refine the way customers perceive and engage with your brand. 

  • Building Emotional Connection: By revealing the human side of your business, corporate culture videos forge a deeper, more emotional connection with customers, turning transactions into relationships. 
  • Differentiating from Competitors: In a crowded market, your unique culture is your edge. These videos help in showcasing what makes your company different, embedding your brand in the minds of consumers. 

The video presents the Golden Hippo work culture as distinct from the traditional 9-5 environment, emphasizing a commitment to a healthy work-life balance. It spotlights unique benefits like gym access and flexible hybrid and remote work arrangements, underlining the company’s innovative approach to investing in its employees’ well-being. 

  • Enhancing Brand Transparency: Transparency breeds trust. By offering an honest glimpse into your company’s culture and operations, these videos build trust with customers, partners, and stakeholders. 

HubSpot’s company culture video is a prime example of enhancing brand transparency by focusing on the office atmosphere and what employees appreciate about their workplace. By allowing employees to share their own stories, HubSpot demonstrates the autonomy it provides to its team, thereby reinforcing an authentic connection to its brand identity. 

Best Practices in Creating Corporate Culture Videos 

As a corporate video-making company, we know that creating an engaging corporate culture video requires not just technical skills but also a deep understanding of your brand and its people. Keep in mind the following pointers before creating your corporate culture videos. 

  • Understanding Your Audience: Know who you are talking to. Your video should speak directly to your target audience. Be it marketers, knowledge seekers, or potential clients, the videos must address their interests and needs. 
  • Crafting a Compelling Story: People connect with stories, not sales pitches. Focus on the human element. Include real stories from your employees, the impact of your company’s culture on their work and life, and how it all ties back to your brand’s mission and values. 

The company culture video by 37signals, known for its project management software, features genuine stories from its employees that highlight the company’s human aspect. Incorporating such captivating narratives into your company’s culture videos is what distinguishes you from others. 

  • Authenticity is Key: Authenticity helps. Let your company’s true culture shine through. Scripted scenarios or staged testimonial videos can be understood very easily. These can do more harm than good. 

The effectiveness of this video lies in the genuine testimonials from Toast employees, showcasing the company’s collaborative culture. This authentic approach underlines the video’s impact, highlighting the real, positive experiences of those within the company. 

  • Quality Matters: While the story is crucial, poor production quality can be distracting. Invest in good-quality video production to ensure that your message is delivered clearly and professionally. There are always benefits to hiring a video production company to elevate your corporate culture videos and communicate your brand’s message effectively. 

Integrating Corporate Culture Videos into Your Marketing Strategy 

A corporate culture video is a powerful tool, but its impact is determined by how well it’s integrated into your overall marketing strategy. 

  • Choosing the Right Platforms: Share your video where your audience is. This could be your company website, social media platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram, or even at industry events. 

Yaro, a health tech firm, used this fun way to show its core values through a creative Instagram video using a flipbook theme. This approach is more memorable than traditional bullet points on a career page. 

  • SEO and Visibility: Make sure your video is seen. Use relevant keywords, an engaging title, and a compelling description to ensure that your video is discoverable. 
  • Measuring Impact: Track how your video is performing. Look at engagement metrics like views, shares, and comments, as well as more concrete metrics like changes in application rates, website traffic, or even sales. 

Corporate culture videos are not just a trend; they are the best ways to show a company’s heart and spirit. They are about connecting, inspiring, and engaging. They offer a glimpse into the company’s inner workings, its people, and its pulse. In the business world, these videos stand out, creating connections that go beyond business, fostering growth, and establishing a brand that’s not just seen but felt. So, take a moment to consider your company’s story and how you can share this narrative with the world. The impact could be more profound than you imagine. 

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