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Philips is a trusted brand known for innovative products. Philips continues to lead the way in various industries, from healthcare to consumer electronics. Customers rely on Philips for reliable and high-quality solutions that improve their lives. Trusted by millions worldwide, the brand is synonymous with excellence and efficiency.

The Ask

Air Fryer Customer Testimonials
(1st week of October – 2nd week of October)

In early October, Philips once again reached out to us to produce customer testimonial videos for its highly popular kitchen appliance, the Air Fryer. At this stage, we’d already done a couple of projects with them, including videos for their mixer grinder range. The videos were to be designed for YouTube and Instagram, featuring testimonials from four customers of different ages and professions. To align with the diverse standards of each social media platform, Philips requested four long-format horizontal videos along with four shorter versions tailored for YouTube. It also required four vertically formatted videos designed for Instagram. The target audience for these videos included both working women and housewives.

The Production Process 

This project marked our third collaboration with Philips. We got the initial details of real customers it wished to feature, along with the concept and scripts for the testimonials. The concept emphasized the air fryer’s user-friendliness, its versatility in preparing various dishes, and its ability to provide healthier, low-oil cooking options. 

We teamed up with a production house from our pool of experts. This collaboration involved sitting down with our team and the DoP to: 

  • Develop the screenplays, ensuring a seamless integration of their expertise into the overall vision. 
  • Navigate the intricacies of the entire shoot for the project in one day. Be it in scouting locations, assembling the right crew or completing all the shots of both formats, we ensured that everything went smoothly to make this a hassle-free production. 
  • Guide the editors to weave compelling stories in tune with the brand’s objectives. 

Our brainstorming sessions focused on creating the videos in a way that would emotionally connect with the audience and effectively convey the product’s benefits. Be it to illustrate the convenience of an elderly housewife’s daily use of the air fryer for preparing a variety of meals for her family, or the way a young professional can cook multiple healthy and delicious dishes ranging from quick snacks to desserts.  

Once the screenplays were done and discussed with Philips, our main focus was on executing them perfectly in line with Philips’ vision. 
Subsequently, we executed the project very quickly, within 7 days, unlike the usual timelines seen in this industry.  Our efficient workflow comprised a single-day shoot in two kitchen setups followed by post-production tasks. We delivered all 12 videos of varied durations and formats within the second week of October, wrapping up the project in 15 days. 

We also handled administrative tasks like contracts and payments, allowing Philips to focus on creative aspects of the collaboration. Our swift execution impressed Philips and set the stage for future associations. 

We had an incredible experience working with everyone in the IndieVisual team. The videos came out fantastic, everyone in our team was very happy with the final results. It was a very well-managed production. Wishing the IndieVisual team all the best for the future!

– Loveleen Kaur

Creative Lead – Philips Brand,
Versuni India

Brownie Points
for Hiring

While production houses are aplenty, IndieVisual takes a unique tech-and-network-optimization approach towards meeting brands’ digital video needs. This allows us to be quick, effective, and professional in our approach, and also deliver video projects all across India.

The Final Product 

When Philips approached us for this project, our main aim was to meet its expectations and strengthen the trust we had established through previous collaborations. We focused on optimizing every minute of the production process. We successfully delivered all 12 videos with different specifications promptly while maintaining the high quality expected by Philips.  
We approached our work with extra caution and enthusiasm, ensuring our best performance as always. Philips has expanded its collaboration with us, demonstrating increased confidence and reliability in our abilities. This project remains a standout success in our portfolio. 

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