The Importance of Explainer Videos for your Startup
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The Importance of Explainer Videos for your Startup

According to Wyzowl’s report on video marketing, 96% of people would rather watch a video to learn more about a product, than read about it. Video marketing is a great way for a company to make do with fewer resources and effort.For example, someone is applying for a job and he/she needs to know the company profile. Now, one way is to go through the website and check the “about us”, “who are we”, “what we do” sections. The other way is to simply check their Introduction video (if they have one). This way, you’ll understand the profile in just a few minutes and also remember the visuals.Here’s an example we made a few months ago for our audience – photographers:
For any kind of business, explainer videos can establish a trustworthy brand image, attract new audience and drive sales.

So What Exactly is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short video that easily and quickly introduces something, explains any process or provides a solution.Why do we need explainer videos?Here are 4 reasons why you should start making explainer videos-
  • Videos work better than long passages.
Explainer videos are easier to grasp and understand than text.
  • Videos save time for you and your audience.
A good 5-minute video can teach your customers more than an hour’s worth of reading material.You can also use the same video for marketing, presentations and sharing with others. We’d made a 40-second video – “How to upload videos on our site” – which we then integrated into our longer intro video, saving us a lot of time.
  • Videos create a personal connection
Explainer videos could be animated tutorials, screen sharing of a process with normal music or they might include visible faces or audio that adds a personal connection.A lot of youtubers are making explainer videos this way and earning very well.
  • They drive traffic to the site.
A user is more likely to buy a product after watching a good explainer video (a review, testimonial or how to use it) on the internet.Using proper tags and keywords in the title and description will help you SEO-optimize the video and drive more traffic to the site.

Types of Explainer Videos

Now that you know the perks of explainer videos, let’s see the different types of explainer videos that you can work on-
  • Introduction Videos
The best way to introduce your company is to talk about who you are and what you do in a short video. This is an engaging way to attract viewers and publicize your business.
  • Processes
Long and complicated processes can be simplified using explainer videos. Visuals are more easily absorbed than texts and diagrams.For example, you will easily understand the upload process of Indievisual in a minute through this video. Reading a blog to do the same would take more than 10 minutes, and also be tiring and probably boring. What would you choose?
  • Tutorials
People mostly relate “explainer videos” with tutorials. That’s what they’re most commonly used for.While buying a camera, you’ll get a user manual with it, but it would take hours to complete. Meanwhile, YouTube is full of setup and user experience videos for every popular camera model out there.Some feel that explainer videos are difficult to make – or expensive. Well, reach out to us and we’ll help you make them quickly and cost-effectively!You don’t even need to worry about the creative side. Our team will generate ideas for your explainer videos, and provide you with the best options available.Got doubts? We’re at .Meanwhile, here’s a custom shoot video that we did recently!

Need a Company Profile Video, An Explainer Video, or a Product Shoot?

Whatever kind of video you need, we’ll get it done. Whatever your budget.