About IndieVisual

What are we trying to do?

We’re trying to solve one big problem – finding original Indian visuals is still really, really difficult. Most stock footage, and there’s no polite way to say this, is basically just white people in a million different scenarios. Even though we’ve got millions of creative young people right here, with access to all of India’s beauty – the cities, the mountains, the beaches, the winding roads, the chaos, the monuments – all of it.

Camera sunset
Sunset And Photographers

How are we doing it?​

We’re tying up with creators across the country to collect the best of what India has to offer. The idea is simple: 

Agencies, production houses, big brands, startups and social media stars get access to high-quality (yet affordable) footage that can power their videos and campaigns;

Photographers and creators who’re taking footage of their daily lives and their travels, can start building a very decent passive income from their work.

Blogger with refreshing drink making video podcast

Who are we?

We’re three creators from across India who’ve spent many years navigating corporate and startup life. We’ve faced this problem ourselves so many times over the years, while working in marketing, sales, strategy and even when one of us was running a wedding photography company – we just couldn’t find good India-focused imagery unless we produced it ourselves. Anything that was readily available was either very banal, very expensive, or both. Well, that’s what we’re trying to fix now.





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