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5 Types of Corporate Videos to Transform Your Internal Communications 

Imagine transforming the way your team connects and collaborates, simply through the power of video. In today’s fast-moving corporate landscape, the secret to creating a unified and thriving workplace lies in effective internal communication. And what’s at the forefront of this communication revolution? Corporate videos.

As a corporate video-making company, we understand the impact these visual stories have on engaging employees, delivering key messages, and sculpting a vibrant organizational culture. Let’s explore how these videos can be a game-changer for your internal communications. 

In this article, we’ll explore five types of corporate videos for businesses that can significantly enhance your internal communications. 

Company Culture Videos 

 As a fundamental offering from any corporate video-making company, company culture videos are the heart and soul of your organization in visual form. They showcase the values, mission, and spirit of your company. 

These videos are essential in building a strong organizational culture, boosting morale, and fostering a sense of community and belonging among employees. 

You can create company culture videos around the following themes: 

Showcasing a Day in the Life at Your Company 

  • Capture the daily operations and the unique work environment. 
  • Highlight employee interactions, workspaces, and daily routines. 

Celebrating Milestones 

  • Document significant achievements, anniversaries, or successful project completions. 
  • Feature team celebrations, award ceremonies, or special events that are organized to mark these milestones. 

Sharing Employee Success Stories 

  • Spotlight individual or team accomplishments. 
  • Include interviews or testimonials that highlight personal experiences and growth within the company. 

Training and Instructional Videos 

Integral to corporate communication video strategies, training videos streamline the process of educating employees about new procedures, tools, or policies. 

They offer a consistent and accessible learning experience. This is essential for ensuring uniform understanding across the organization. 

Your company’s training videos can be around the following themes: 

Demonstrations of New Software 

  • Provide step-by-step tutorials on how to use new software tools. 
  • Include tips for best practices and efficient usage. 

Safety Protocols 

  • Showcase the correct procedures for maintaining safety in the workplace. 
  • Cover various scenarios and emergency response protocols. 

Excellence in Customer Service 

  • Illustrate effective customer service techniques and approaches. 
  • Use role-play scenarios to demonstrate ideal interactions with customers. 

Executive and CEO Announcements 

Personalized messages from CEOs or executives play a major role in internal communication video production. They add a personal touch to significant company announcements. 

These videos create a sense of immediacy and connection, making leadership seem more accessible and relatable to all staff levels. 

You can curate the announcement videos around the following themes: 

Announcing Organizational Milestones 

  • Celebrate achievements such as company anniversaries, significant growth landmarks, or reaching major goals. 
  • Share the journey and contributions of the team in reaching these milestones. 

Policy Changes 

  • Communicate any new or updated company policies. 
  • Explain the reasons for these changes and how they benefit the organization and its employees. 

Delivering Company-Wide Messages 

  • Address the entire workforce on important matters, strategies, or organizational visions. 
  • Give motivational speeches or talks to reinforce company values and objectives. 

Internal News and Updates 

You can also use video in internal communication in your newsletters to provide updates and news within the company. 

They are an engaging way to keep staff informed and connected, especially in larger or geographically dispersed organizations. 

You can add the following topics to your company’s internal news and update videos. 

Monthly Summaries of Company Achievements 

  • Compile and showcase key successes and accomplishments of the company over the month. 
  • Highlight significant business wins, milestones, or growth statistics. 

Employee Spotlights 

  • Feature individual employees or teams, celebrating their contributions and achievements. 
  • Include personal stories, career highlights, or unique skills that contribute to the company’s success. 

Project Progress Updates 

  • Provide updates on ongoing projects, showcasing phases of completion and future steps. 
  • Highlight team efforts, challenges overcome, and any notable innovations or solutions developed during the project. 

Event and Team Building Videos 

Event and team-building videos capture and share the essence of company events and social gatherings. They display the human side of the company. 

They not only document these moments but also play a vital role in reinforcing team bonds. They help to showcase your company’s engaging and supportive environment. 

You can tailor your company’s internal event video production featuring the following things. 

Team Outings 

  • Document key moments, activities, and workshops from your company’s annual retreats. 
  • Showcase casual and fun outings that bring team members together outside of the work environment. 
  • Include highlights of the activities and interactions that happen during these outings. 


  • Capture the fun spirit during company-organized parties or annual celebrations. 
  • Feature decorations, festivities, and any special traditions or performances. 

Charity Drives 

  • Document the company’s involvement in charitable activities and community service. 
  • Highlight employee participation, the impact of the drive, and the beneficiaries of these efforts. 

Best Practices for Creating Effective Corporate Videos 

Creating impactful corporate videos involves a blend of storytelling, technical quality, and audience understanding. It’s crucial to craft narratives that not only engage but resonate with your employees, making every message memorable and relatable.  

You must also emphasize the importance of production value – ensuring that each video shines with professional lighting, clear audio, and crisp editing. But beyond the visuals and sound, understanding your audience is key. Tailor your content to the diverse preferences and roles within your organization, making it relevant and appealing to everyone.  

This holistic approach ensures that your corporate videos are not just seen but are engaging and effective in communicating your message. 

Corporate videos are no longer just a trend but a necessity in enhancing internal communications within the modern corporate environment. By integrating these five types of videos, companies can not only share information but also build a well-informed, connected, and motivated workforce. 

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