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    Trusted by Well-Known Companies – Across India.

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    We Take Care of the Whole Event Video Production Process. 

    • Pre-production : Discuss the goals and objectives of the video along with the creation of a shot list, videographers, and more!
    • Production : We’ll manage the filming and capturing of all the footage you need.
    • Post-production : Work with us as we select the best footage, edit it and assemble it all for one great video.
    • Delivery : We’ll deliver the final video to you in various shareable formats.

    People gathered for an event
    Workers Celebrating Company Party

    We Create Event Videos That: 

    Capture Valuable Memories

    Revisit and relive the memories of special moments and milestones of your life!

    Showcase Details

    We capture the moments you might have missed. The decor, the lighting, the atmosphere, and the people? Don’t miss any of it!


    Videos can keep your audience engaged long after the event has ended. Use them for follow-up content, spark conversations, or get feedback from attendees!

    Create Shareable Content

    Allow people to experience events vicariously. Post it on social media or use it in your new marketing strategy!

    Boost Your Marketing

    Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Generate leads and ensure that your products and services reach the right audience.

    Design - Avoid

    Why Us?

    For a dozen reasons, but here are a few. 


    Our team has years of experience in event video production and they know exactly what it takes to grab the eyeballs of your viewers.


    Our creative professionals are passionate about event production. We are always creating new and innovative ways to make your event videos stand out!


    We get that every event is unique and that is precisely why we adapt quickly to live events. Adjusting to last-minute schedule changes? Accommodating your last-minute requests? Handling sudden challenges? Not a problem for us!

    Competitive Pricing

    We believe in providing high-quality event video production services at competitive prices. Our pricing is clear, and we will work with you to design a package that matches your budget!

    Introducing Blocks

    About Us

    Looking for a reliable and experienced team to get the best out of an event? We have you covered! We are an event video production company that captures your event – from start to finish. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large-scale production, we bring your vision to life!


    Need Videos for Your Company?

    Send your brief and get a free quote.

    Your marketing strategy needs more than just a good-looking video. Engage, connect, and leave an impact with IndieVisual!

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    Event video production is the process of capturing, editing, and producing videos that document and highlight an event. This can include a wide range of events, such as weddings, corporate events, conferences, concerts, and more.

    Event videos can be used as a powerful marketing tool to promote your business and brand. They can keep your audience engaged long after an event is over. Event videos can be used for training purposes, providing a visual demonstration of a product, service, or process as well.

    Choosing the right event video service for your upcoming event can be a critical decision that impacts the success of your event. Begin by checking the quality of work, communication, collaboration, professionalism and costs.

    Live video production is the process of capturing and broadcasting live video content in real time. It involves a wide range of technical skills, equipment, and creative direction to deliver a high-quality live video experience to an audience.After the live event has ended, post-production services such as video editing, color correction, and audio mixing can be used to enhance the final product through snippets, short-format videos, etc.

    Corporate event video production refers to the creation of video content for business events such as conferences, product launches, trade shows, and seminars. It involves using professional equipment and a creative approach to capture and showcase a company’s brand, products, services, and messaging.

    When choosing a corporate event video production company, there are several factors such as experience, expertise, communication, and pricing to consider to ensure you select a reliable and professional team that can deliver high-quality video content.

    Corporate event videos can be used to promote future events, highlight experiences, and build brand awareness and identity on social media and other platforms. These videos can help attract sponsors too.

    There are many kinds of corporate events – offsites, team meetings, conferences, events, festivals, sponsored events. Our team of creators has experience in all these types.