How Internal Communication Videos Enhance Leadership & Company Culture
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How Internal Communication Videos Enhance Leadership & Company Culture 

Internal communication videos are a big deal for building company culture (or, as we call it today, ‘vibes’). They let bosses talk straight to their team, making them seem more open, friendly and relatable. And since videos are way more interesting than words on a page, employees remember what’s being discussed. These videos can tell stories, share when the company does something awesome, and cheer on teamwork – all stuff that helps make a workplace feel happy and supportive. 

By letting employees chat back and making it easy to watch, these videos give everyone a chance to be heard and feel like they’re part of the gang. One can also use them as corporate recruitment videos! This makes for a workplace where people are more likely to be cheerful and get stuff done. So, if you’re looking to make your workplace a better place, internal communication videos are the way to go. 

The Power of Video: Keeping People Interested 

When it comes to remembering stuff, we’re way better at holding onto things we watch compared to what we read. That’s where internal communication videos come in handy. They take boring stuff like announcements or rules, and turn them into cool stories that grab the attention of people you work with. 

Videos do a few special things: 

  • Get People Interested: With exciting visuals, cool music, and great storytelling, videos make sure that everyone stays hooked and pays attention to what’s being said.
  • Make Things Easier to Understand: When things get complicated, videos break them down into simple bits, making it easier for us to get what’s going on.
  • Connect and Bond with the Team: Leaders aren’t just faces on a screen anymore. Videos let them talk to employees like friends, making the team feel more connected to them and the company. 

Corporate videos are a valuable investment for your business, as they have so many benefits, they make sure everyone understands what’s going on and feels more involved in what’s happening at work. This means employees are more likely to get stuff done and feel good about what they’re doing. So, if you want to make your workplace better and get everyone on the same page, using videos to talk and share stuff is the way to go. 

Leadership in Focus: Building Trust and Connection 

Leaders can use internal communication videos to connect with their teams in new and powerful ways. Here’s why video matters: 

  • Straight Talk: Instead of using formal channels, leaders can talk directly to their team through video. This helps build trust and makes everyone feel like they’re working toward the same goals.
  • Putting a Face to Leadership: Video lets leaders show who they are – their personality, passion, and vision. This makes them more relatable and inspiring to their team while encouraging more organizational growth with these culture videos
  • Keeping the Conversation Going: Leaders can use video to have Q&A sessions or town halls with employees. This encourages open communication and makes everyone feel like their voice matters. 

By being more visible and personal, leaders can build trust, motivate their team, and make everyone feel like they’re part of something bigger. 

Making Great Internal Videos: Practical Tips 

Now that we’ve talked about how awesome internal communication videos are, let’s get down to making them: 

  • Know What You Want: Figure out what you’re trying to say and whom you’re saying it to. What’s the main point? Who needs to hear it – new folks, certain teams, or everyone? 
  • Keep It Simple: Stick to the main idea and don’t overload the video with info. The benefits of  corporate videos that have a strong, well-delivered message are many.   
  • Customize Your Content: Think about what your audience likes. Younger folks might dig a more laid-back vibe, while older ones might prefer something more formal. 
  • Be Real: Show the true side of your company and its people. Being genuine helps build trust and connections. 
  • Quality Matters But Keep It Simple: Focus on getting your message across clearly. You don’t need fancy stuff – even simple videos can be great if they’re interesting. 

Remember, it’s not about making a big Hollywood production. What matters is getting your message across in a way that connects with your audience. 

Going Beyond Views: Making Your Videos Count 

The success of your internal videos is more than just how many employees watch them or hit the like button. Here’s how to really measure success and keep the conversation going: 

  1. Watch What’s Working: Keep an eye on how many people watch your videos, how many finish them, and what feedback they give. Did the video do what you wanted? Did your employees pay attention and remember what you said? 
  2. Keep the Chat Going: Don’t stop at the end of the video. Encourage folks to leave comments, ask questions, and chat about what they saw. This helps everyone feel like they’re part of the team and gives leaders a chance to clear up any confusion.
  3. Listen Up: Give folks a way to share their thoughts on the videos, whether through surveys, polls, or just leaving anonymous feedback. This shows you’re listening and willing to make changes based on what people want. 
  4. Keep Things Connected: Don’t make videos that feel separate from everything else. Use the platforms you already have in place, like internal communication tools or social media, to share your videos and keep the conversation going. 

By keeping an eye on how engaged people are, keeping the conversation flowing, and making sure your videos fit into the bigger picture, you can make sure your internal communication efforts really make a difference. 

In summary, internal communication videos are a valuable tool for leadership and building company culture. They help leaders connect with employees, keep them informed, and shape the company’s values. By encouraging conversation and using technology to make videos accessible, they contribute to a positive workplace atmosphere. 

As businesses continue to focus on effective communication and keeping employees engaged, internal communication videos will remain an important part of their strategies. By telling stories and using visuals, organizations can create strong bonds, inspire action, and nurture a thriving company culture. 

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