Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About Stock Footage

Stock images are general photos or videos which are uploaded on platforms like IndieVisual, where anyone can get the license to use them for their own marketing/informational purposes.

Stock video footage is basically a short clip of 10-60 seconds, archived on platforms like IndieVisual and can be used for multiple purposes like movies, YouTube videos, advertisements, etc.

A Royalty-free stock image is acquired by buying a one-time license, which allows you to use the downloaded stock image multiple times.

You can explore our unique and huge gallery of stock images with many categories on IndieVisual. Start by typing the keywords for the thing you are searching for on the search bar, and you will see many related images and videos to choose from.

Stock images on platforms like IndieVisual are copyrighted, which means you have to buy a license in order to use them legally.
About Us

Indievisual is an India-centric stock footage website that provides ready-to-use video clips. Our content comes from our community of contributors. Before being uploaded on our website, the videos are thoroughly evaluated so they meet our quality parameters.

To download any stock footage from the Indievisual site, you need to have credits in your account. To buy credits, according to your requirements, know more about our [plans].

Once you have credits in your account, go to the video you want to download and click on the download button. After your confirmation, your download will start.

If you have very specific requirements that you can’t meet through the available stock footage, you can mail us at with your contact details, and we can get it done for you.

Each video clip on IndieVisual has an assigned credit point. You can buy single credits, or preset credit packs.

The larger the credit packs, the lesser the price per credit. Simply purchase credits [link plans] and spend them as per your video requirements.

IndieVisual does not offer refunds on credit packs that have been fully or partially used. If you have not downloaded any files using a credit pack purchase, you can mail us at asking for a refund.

We don’t offer any refunds or re-credits for downloaded files. If you’ve had any technical issues with downloading a file, please mail our tech team at .

No, we believe that our Credit pack Plans provide you with more flexibility rather than forcing you to use a fixed number of credits every month.

Yes, UPI payments and credit card payments are accepted on IndieVisual.

Yes, we do issue GST bills.

After downloading videos from IndieVisual, you can use the videos as many times as required. You can use the videos from IndieVisual for personal or even commercial purposes (unless videos are marked as “editorial use only”) after purchasing the credits required to download the videos, which gives you the permission and freedom to download and use the stock footage as many times as you like.

Yes, you may use the downloaded stock videos across all social media platforms.

Your credits do not expire. Once purchased, they stay in your account till you use them!

Yes, once purchased, use the video for your projects without worrying about copyright, accreditation or royalties.

All of our video files come with our “standard license” which means, you only have to pay for the initial download of a file and won’t have to give credit or attribution to either IndieVisual or the contributor.

Our standard license does not give you the right to share these clips with external teams. You may share them internally within the organization, if they have been purchased in the name of the organization.

No, the license is issued to you for use in your projects. You may not sell these clips on other sites – that is against the terms of use.

No. Resale of clips purchased from IndieVisual is not permitted in any format. You may, however, use clips for projects that you are creating for your clients.
Working with Downloads

The videos will be available as a .mp4 download.

Once you download the video from your account page on our website, the location of the downloaded video will depend on your browser settings.

Your file will most likely be saved in your downloads folder.

Yes, you can see your download history and download the video again from your account page.

You should be able to use the website using most common browsers – Firefox, Chrome, Safari and even the eight people who use Edge.

The creators we work with remain the actual owners of the copyright to their work. So our content library is going to see changes from time to time. We’re constantly aiming to make it bigger and more versatile, so hopefully you should be able to find something similar that still meets your needs!

However, if you’ve already bought a clip and it’s no longer available on the site, rest assured, you still have a license to use that footage in your projects.

You can do that from your account page on the site.

There could be multiple reasons, here are some:

  • Login page hasn’t been refreshed, which happens due to prolonged inactivity on the page. Refresh the page and enter your username and password again.
  • Cookies expired. Again, refresh the page and login again.
  • Incorrect password or username, to retrieve your account {click here}
  • Locked out due to too many incorrect username/password attempts. {click here to reset your password}
  • If there’s still a problem, drop us an email at

To reset your password, go to the login menu, enter your username/email ID and click on forgot password. A password reset link will be sent to you on your provided email.

To edit the account information, go to ‘Your profile’ on the website and click on the ‘edit’ option on the left to update your information.
For Creators

You have to click high quality pictures which have less chance of rejection. You can click images based on specific needs and purposes of clients. You can also search for trending topics and start clicking high quality images related to it from all angles possible.

Start by making high quality videos which meet the technical requirements of IndieVisual. We accept quality videos ranging from 720p to 4K, where you get paid for every download. Good quality and higher resolution videos carry higher value and allow you to earn more.

Follow this link to become a Contributor with us and start earning –

You can easily sell your existing old videos on platforms like IndieVisual, shutterstock, etc. You get paid for every video sold. Each platform has its own rules for commission and returns, but at IndieVisual, we give the best returns for our creators.

Here is the link to start your journey as a creator with us –