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How Animated Explainer Videos Help Employees Understand Difficult Business Concepts?



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We’ve all been there – sitting through presentations filled with jargon, complex diagrams, and endless bullet points, only to walk away scratching our heads. It’s especially true in the business world, where new products, services, and policies can be as tricky to understand as they are important. 

Imagine if there was an easy way to make all those tricky ideas easy to understand and even fun to learn about. Guess what? That’s exactly what animated explainer videos do. They make learning about complex topics simple and engaging. With these videos, understanding complicated ideas becomes not just easier, but enjoyable too. 

Understanding Animated Explainer Videos 

An animated explainer video is a brief yet engaging piece that uses animation to break down complex ideas, processes, or concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. These videos combine visuals, narration, and sometimes music to simplify subjects that might otherwise be hard to grasp. 

Animated explainer videos for business turn abstract concepts into clear visuals, making it easier for viewers to understand and remember the information presented. They’re particularly effective in a corporate setting, where conveying intricate details in an accessible form can significantly impact learning and communication. 

Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos 

Animated videos are fantastic for the brain to process information. By showing rather than just telling, they make even the most complicated business concepts accessible and engaging. This method of visual storytelling is not only more appealing but also helps in retaining new information longer. The benefits of animated explainer videos are underlined below: 

  • Enhanced Comprehension: Animated explainer videos transform difficult business concepts into straightforward visuals. It significantly helps in improving comprehension among employees at all levels. 
  • Increased Engagement: The dynamic nature of animation keeps viewers interested. This makes it an ideal tool for explaining difficult business processes or introducing new business strategies. 
  • Memory Retention: With compelling narratives and characters, animated corporate videos are more likely to be remembered than traditional training materials. 
  • Accessibility: These videos can be watched anytime, anywhere, providing flexible learning options for employees. 

Applications in Business 

Animated explainer videos find their place in various aspects of business communication: 

  • Training and Onboarding: Companies can use animated corporate videos to make onboarding smoother by visually summarizing company policies and procedures.  

Imagine an animated explainer video explaining how to use the company’s internal software with fun, engaging animations—much more interesting than reading a manual. 

  • Explaining a Product or a Service: Animated video for business helps demystify the features and benefits of products, making it easier for both employees and customers to understand.  

For a product explanation, an animated video can illustrate how a complex piece of machinery works in a way that’s easy to understand, highlighting its unique selling points without confusing employees with too many technical terminologies.  

For services, a video might tell a story showing the before and after of a customer’s experience, making the benefits tangible and relatable. 

  • Change Management: During times of change, such as implementing a new company-wide policy, an animated video can help ensure the message is communicated clearly and positively.  

For example, if a company decides to adopt a new project management tool, an animated video could show the workings of the tool, highlighting its advantages and ease of use. 

  • Sales and Marketing: Animated educational videos are a great way for sales and marketing teams to get to know the products they’re selling. For example, if a company introduces new software, an animated video can make it easy for the team to see how it works and what problems it solves. Instead of getting lost in technical details, the video shows the software in action, making it clear and straightforward. 

This helps the team explain things better to customers. They can use the video to show off the software’s features during presentations or on social media. It’s like having a simple story to show how useful the product can be. This makes it easier for customers to understand why they might need it, helping the team answer questions and clear up any doubts. 

In short, animated videos help the sales and marketing team talk about the product in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand. This not only makes their job easier but also helps customers see the value of the product, leading to more sales

Creating Effective Animated Explainer Videos 

To maximize the impact of an animated explainer video, certain elements must be carefully considered: 

  • Content is King 

A well-crafted script that clearly and concisely outlines the business concept is the foundation of an effective explainer video. This is where corporate video production companies excel, bringing expertise in distilling complex ideas into engaging narratives.  

  • Visuals That Match the Message 

The animation video should complement the script, using visuals that reinforce the message without overwhelming the viewer. Professional video production companies specialize in creating visuals that are not only appealing but also perfectly aligned with the business’s messaging.  

  • Professional Voiceover 

A professional voiceover can significantly enhance the video’s ability to engage and inform the audience. Ensure that the voice modulations of the voiceover resonate with the target audience and elevate the overall effectiveness of the explainer video. 

  • Keep it Short and Sweet 

The most effective explainer videos are usually between 1 to 2 minutes long, keeping the audience’s attention from start to finish.  

Animated explainer videos are a versatile and effective tool for breaking down complex business concepts into clear, engaging, and memorable lessons. Whether it’s for training, marketing, or internal communication, these videos can transform the way companies educate and connect with their employees and customers. 

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