How Commissions and Payouts Work at IndieVisual

IndieVisual is an India-centric stock photography platform. We’re sourcing footage and photos from creators across the length and breadth of India. Which means that our commission and payout system is extremely important – we’re trying to have the best payout system in the industry, as a percentage of revenue, so we can attract the best footage.

The commission system is quite straightforward, so that we can process it quickly (and for our own sanity!). You get paid at the end of the month for every clip that’s sold. Of course, there are a few points that determine the exact payout amount:

a) Video Credits. Each video is assigned a certain number of credits, from 1-12, based on the resolution and whether it counts as a pro video:

Video 720p 1080p 4k
Regular 1 2 4
Pro 3 6 12



What’s a pro video? To be honest, there’s no perfectly objective definition yet. We’re just using this question as a thumb rule: “Does this clip look like it belongs in a high-quality documentary?” It’s a subjective call by us for now, though we’re hoping to be able to answer this question more clearly soon.



So it’s simple: buyers buy credits to download videos. A pro video in 4k is 12 times as valuable as a regular video in 720p. And don’t worry about transcoding; just send us the highest resolution you have the video, and our platform will automatically transcode it into lower-res versions.

We’ll multiply the credits by the average clip sale price across the site to determine the price per credit.

b) The Payout Percentage. This ranges from 30-50%. The more the downloads from your library in the previous quarter, the higher the percentage:



IndieVisual Payouts Model  
1-150 downloads per quarter 30%
151-300 downloads per quarter 40%
301 + downloads per quarter 50%


As an early bird offer, we’re offering a flat 50% revenue share all the way till June 30th 2023 – if you sign up before Dec 31 this year.


A couple of examples. Let’s say you’ve signed up on July 1 and uploaded 10 clips, all 1080p, all counted as regular. Your clips are downloaded 38 times in total from July-September. Your payouts will be:

Average revenue per credit that quarter: Rs. 600

Credits per video: 2

Total number of credits: 38×2 = 76

Payout percentage (since you’ve signed up in 2022): 50%

Total Payout: 76 x 600 x 50% = Rs. 22,800

(Our Accounts team will determine things like TDS, etc. or any other Govt-required deductions. Those will be subtracted from this amount.)


Another example: Let’s say you sign up after the early bird offer, and in a particular quarter you add 10 videos, all 4k, half gauged as pro and half as regular. Your downloads are as follows:

1080p regular clips: 45 downloads

4k regular clips: 24 downloads

4k pro clips: 12 downloads



Your payouts will be:

Average revenue per credit that quarter: Rs. 570

Total number of credits: 45×2 + 24×4 + 12×12 = 330

Payout percentage for the quarter: 30% (based on previous quarter’s downloads)

Total Payout: 330 x 570 x 30% = Rs. 56,430 (minus TDS/Govt deductions)

Hopefully that’s clear enough – but feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions! We’re happy to answer them, and if any questions are common enough, we’ll add them to the FAQ.

Happy uploading!



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