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Product Video vs. Explainer Video: How to Decide Which Video is Right for Your Product? 





How to make your product stand out in the crowded digital market? 

In a world where attention spans are short and competition is fierce, the secret weapon lies in the realm of videos. When it comes to putting your product in the spotlight, the choice often boils down to two contenders: the Product Videos and the Explainer Videos. but there’s often confusion about whether they can be used interchangeably. 

In this article, let’s break down what makes them different, helping you pinpoint the ideal choice for your product and marketing goals. 

Understanding Product Videos 

Product videos are visual presentations that showcase the features, benefits, and unique selling points of a particular product. These videos go beyond static images and text, providing a dynamic and engaging way to present the product to potential customers. These videos aim to evoke emotions, build brand awareness, and, most importantly, drive conversions. Whether you’re unveiling a new gadget, clothing line, or beauty product, a well-crafted product video can be a game-changer in capturing your audience’s attention. 

Check out Titan Watches’ product video introducing the Titan Edge Mechanical Watch. The video focuses solely on showcasing the watch’s distinctive features using captivating visuals. 

Understanding Explainer Videos 

On the other side of the spectrum, we have explainer videos. These how to explainer videos are powerful tool for educating your audience. Explainer videos are designed to simplify complex concepts and make them easily digestible. They take viewers on a journey, breaking down intricate details into clear, concise narratives. Explainer videos are ideal for startups and companies – introducing new technologies, demonstrating the workings of a service, or unravelling the intricacies of a unique value proposition. Their primary goal is to inform, educate, and leave a lasting impression. 

Take a look at the explanatory video from IRCTC Tourism, outlining its week-long tour package to the Rann of Kutch. The video provides a clear and concise narration of the entire tour itinerary. 

Product Demo Vs. Explainer Video: Deciding Between the Two 

While both product and explainer videos share the common goal of engaging audiences, they differ significantly in terms of content, tone, and target audience.  

The looming question remains – which holds the upper hand: a product video or an explainer video? The decision between the two hinges on a few factors like your product type, the narrative you wish to convey and so on. 

The ensuing discussion outlines the factors that aim to guide you in making a well-informed choice. 

Target Audience 

Understanding your target audience is paramount in making the right video choice. Different demographics respond to varied approaches. Conducting market research and creating buyer personas can help tailor your video content to resonate with your specific audience. 

Younger audiences may be drawn to trendy, visually appealing product videos, while older demographics might appreciate the clarity and information provided by explainer videos.  

Marketers often deploy product videos to captivate and influence potential customers already familiar with the product, or brand or actively contemplating a purchase. On the flip side, explainer videos cast a wider net, encompassing individuals unfamiliar with the product or the brand. 

Check out both videos showcasing Hyundai’s Blue Link Technology Service, designed to enhance customer comfort, convenience, and safety. The first video is a brief product overview, emphasizing key features and benefits. It uses live footage to engage a younger audience and those familiar with the brand. 

The second video is a detailed explainer, walking viewers through the process of enrolling in the Blue Link Service. With a simple format and a voiceover, this video caters to a broader audience, guiding them through the steps of activating the service by installing the app on their mobile phones and connecting it to their cars. 


Product videos shine in scenarios where the visual appeal of your offering plays a pivotal role. If you’re launching a new product, highlighting specific features, or showcasing diverse use cases, a product video is the ideal choice.  

These videos create a narrative around your product, immersing the audience in its potential and fostering a connection that goes beyond the transaction. 

See how the above-mentioned Samsonite suitcase product video concentrates solely on its essential features and advantages. The video is tailored to highlight the distinct pockets and compartments integrated into the design, facilitating easy access to essentials. 

There are instances when the complexity of your product requires a more informative approach. Explainer videos step in when you need to educate your audience about intricate features, technological advancements, or unconventional solutions. In some cases, concise and engaging 30-second explainer videos also become invaluable, efficiently conveying essential nuggets of information. 

If your product involves a learning curve or if it solves a problem that requires explanation, an explainer video can be a strategic asset in conveying your message effectively. 

For instance, consider this explainer video from Ahrefs.com, a well-known provider of SEO tools. Given the complexity of this service-based product, the audience requires a comprehensive video that delves into the intricacies of its features, the advantages it offers, and the issues it can address. The mentioned video effectively achieves this by providing insights into how you can utilize its diverse tools to enhance your SEO rankings and outrank your competitors. 

Tone and Style 

Product videos are visually-centric, portraying the product in action and spotlighting its features and benefits through demonstrations or testimonial videos. They focus on creating an emotional connection by showcasing the product in action, often emphasizing aesthetics and lifestyle. 

Check out this well-crafted product video by Home Centre, introducing the ‘Dastkari Collection.’ This range features handcrafted, aesthetically pleasing home décor, serveware, furniture, and furnishings. The video presents some of the products from this collection using visually stunning displays, emphasizing intricate details of craftsmanship. Shot against a subdued colour palette, the video aims to evoke a positive emotion, thereby influencing the purchase decisions of potential customers. 

On the contrary, explainer videos take on an educational and informative tone, utilizing a blend of visuals, graphics, and voiceovers to unravel a particular topic or process. They maintain a more educational tone, breaking down complex information in a straightforward manner. 

Take a look at this Home Centre explainer video once more, detailing the customization process for your bed. It guides you through selecting your bed size, storage options, and more. The video adopts a straightforward and educational tone, simplifying the information for the audience. 

Call to Action 

Product videos frequently incorporate a robust call to action, urging viewers to make a purchase or take specific actions.  

Check out the clear call to action at the end of this short product video by Canva, encouraging you to start designing and making your work easier. 

In the case of explainer videos for businesses, a call to action may also be present but is generally less urgent. They lean more towards encouraging viewers to delve deeper into learning or exploring the topic. 

See the call to action at the end of this explainer video of Zoom AI Companion. Instead of pushing for a direct action like ‘download today’ or ‘start using today,’ the call to action encourages people to explore more about the features and learn further. 

In the quest to decide between a product and an explainer video, understanding these distinctions is pivotal. Each serves a unique purpose, and your choice should align with the nature of your product, target audience and the goals of your marketing strategy.  

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