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How HR Professionals Can Leverage Corporate Video Ads for Hiring

Finding the right people for a job is tough. To stand out and catch the eye of top talent, HR teams are getting creative. One popular way they’re doing this is by using corporate video ads for hiring. These videos tell the company’s story in an engaging manner, showing what it’s like to work there and what job opportunities are available. In this blog, we’ll talk about how HR teams can use corporate recruitment videos to attract and interest the best candidates. 

Crafting a Compelling Story 

A great corporate video always has a captivating story. HR professionals should focus on telling a story that resonates with their audience – potential job seekers. They can also create training videos for employee development. This story should highlight the company’s values, mission, and culture, showing why it’s an amazing place to work. Whether through employee testimonials, showing what happens behind the scenes, or sharing day-to-day activities, the story should evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression on viewers. By crafting a compelling narrative, companies can effectively attract top talent and showcase what makes them unique. Hiring corporate video services can help bring this story to life and create a powerful recruitment tool. 

Showcasing Company Culture 

Corporate video ads are a great way to show off a company’s culture in action. HR experts can take viewers on a virtual tour of the workplace, introduce key team members, and share details about company events and activities. With employee onboarding videos they can also encourage a positive company culture.  

By giving potential applicants a glimpse into the work environment and the people they’ll be working with, HR professionals help them picture themselves as part of the team, making them more likely to apply for open positions. Hiring corporate video services can make this process easier and more effective, helping companies showcase their culture and attract top talent. These videos provide valuable insights for job seekers and create a positive impression of the company, increasing the likelihood of successful recruitment. 

Highlighting Job Opportunities 

While showing off the company culture is important, HR professionals must remember the main goal of the video – to attract talent for specific job openings. It’s crucial to smoothly incorporate job openings into the video ad to make potential applicants aware of available positions and encourage them to apply. This could be done by including job listings at the end of the video or highlighting specific roles throughout the advertisement.  

By making job openings clear and visible, HR professionals can ensure that the video serves its purpose of attracting the right candidates for the job. These videos provide valuable information for job seekers and help them understand the opportunities available within the company, ultimately leading to more successful hires. 

Leveraging Social Media Platforms 

In today’s digital world, social media is a powerful tool for reaching lots of people. HR folks can use platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to share corporate video ads with potential job candidates. These platforms let HR pros target their ads to specific groups of people based on things like where they live, what industry they’re in, or what job they have. By sharing corporate marketing videos on social media in a smart way, HR pros can get their message out to more people and find the right candidates for the job.  

Having an Engaging Call to Action 

A clear call to action (CTA) is super important in getting viewers to do what you want them to do after watching the video. For example, if you want them to apply for a job, visit the company’s career page, or sign up for an event, you need to tell them exactly what to do next. You can do this by adding a simple message at the end of the video, like a link they can click on, a QR code they can scan, or just telling them to go to the company’s website. This way, interested folks know exactly how to take the next step and get more involved with the company. 

Monitoring and Measuring Success 

After putting the corporate video ad out there, HR folks need to keep an eye on how it’s doing. They should look at stuff like how many people are watching it, how engaged they are with it, how many actually click on it, and how many apply for the job afterward. By checking these numbers, HR managers can see what’s working well and what needs improvement. This way, they can tweak future video ads to get better results. This process helps them understand if their corporate video ad is hitting the mark with the audience they’re targeting. 

Creating Evergreen Content 

Instead of just making videos for specific job openings, HR folks should also think about making videos that talk about the company’s culture and values overall. These videos can be used again and again for future hiring needs, which saves time and money. They can also make corporate videos for efficient internal communications. By having a bunch of these videos that show off different parts of the company, HR teams can keep showing off what makes their company great and keep attracting the best people all year long. It’s like having a bunch of tools in their toolkit that they can use whenever they need to. 

Here are some cool ideas to get your creative juices flowing: 

1. Show a Day in the Life: Give a peek into what a regular day looks like for different folks in your company. 

2. Let Employees Speak: Have real employees share their stories and talk about why they enjoy working with you. 

3. Explore Company Culture: Take viewers behind the scenes and show off your workplace vibe, team hangouts, and fun events. 

4. Why We Love Working Here: Let your team members explain why they picked your company as their workplace. 

Recruitment-focused corporate video ads are a great way for HR teams to find the best talent in today’s competitive job market. By telling interesting stories, showing off company culture, and talking about job opportunities, HR folks can use these ads to get people excited about working with them.  With the right plan and approach, these videos can help HR teams get noticed and attract awesome candidates to their company. 

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