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Philips is a renowned multinational conglomerate known for its contributions to health technology and consumer electronics. From kitchen appliances to smart home devices, it is known for its innovative and reliable products that enhance everyday life. With a focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability, Philips has earned the trust of consumers worldwide. It is a sought-after brand for people seeking excellence in their homes. 

The Ask

Mixer Grinder Product Videos
(1st week of April 2023- 1st week of May 2023)

In early April 2023, Philips approached our company with a request to produce a series of videos for its new 1000-watt mixer grinder range. These videos were intended for social media platforms. It required 8 concise videos, all formatted vertically for Instagram reels, to offer a comprehensive overview of the product’s capabilities. The target audience for these videos included both working women and housewives. 

Specifically, Philips requested that some of the videos be recipe demonstrations, showcasing the preparation of dishes such as hummus, coconut chutney, and almond milk using the mixer grinder.  

Additionally, they emphasized the need for other videos to highlight key features of the grinder, such as blade efficiency, sturdiness of the grinder jars, minimal vibration, and leak-proof design. Each video was to focus on a specific feature, providing viewers with a detailed understanding of the product’s strengths and functionality. 

The Execution Process 

Based on Philips’ needs, we started generating fresh concepts to showcase recipes and product features. 

We teamed up with a production house from our pool of experts. This collaboration involved sitting down with their teams: 

  • To generate unique concepts, ensuring a seamless integration of their expertise into the overall vision. 
  • To navigate the intricacies of the entire shoot for the project in one day. Be it in scouting locations, assembling the right crew or completing all the shots of both recipe and feature videos, we ensured that everything went smoothly to make this a hassle-free production. 
  • To guide the editors to weave compelling stories in tune with the brand’s objectives. 

Be it grinding an actual brick to show the hard grinding feature, or showing a person using the jar as a stepping stone to show its strength and resistance, the concepts were a hit. 

The ideation process for the recipe videos was relatively faster since Philips had already provided us with the blueprint of the featured recipes. Our main focus was on executing them to the best of our abilities. 

After receiving approval from Philips on the conceptual front, we swiftly generated the scripts and the screenplays. Subsequently, we executed the project very quickly, within a mere 15 days, unlike the usual timelines seen in this industry.  Our efficient workflow comprised a single-day shoot followed by post-production tasks. We successfully delivered all eight videos in the first week of May, wrapping up the entire project in approximately one month. 

Beyond creativity, we handled the nitty-gritty too. From contracts to agreements and payments, we took care of the administrative tasks, freeing up the client from the hassle of never-ending admin. 

Our rapid execution impressed Philips and laid the foundation for further collaborative relationships – we’ve now done 5+ projects with them. 

We had an incredible experience working with everyone in the IndieVisual team. The videos came out fantastic, everyone in our team was very happy with the final results. It was a very well-managed production. Wishing the IndieVisual team all the best for the future!

– Loveleen Kaur

Creative Lead – Philips Brand,
Versuni India

Brownie Points
for Hiring

While production houses are aplenty, IndieVisual takes a unique tech-and-network-optimization approach towards meeting brands’ digital video needs. This allows us to be quick, effective, and professional in our approach, and also deliver video projects all across India..

The Final Product 

When Philips approached us not just for one but eight product videos, we recognized the need to optimize every minute of the production process. Leveraging our experience, creativity, and strategic thinking, we created a series of fun and engaging videos that resonated with Philips’ audience and aligned with the brand’s distinctive personality. 

Our collaboration with Philips has been a significant milestone in our journey. Philips being our first major client, we added a layer of extra caution and enthusiasm to ensure we delivered our very best. 

This commitment to excellence fuelled our drive to provide the very best, making the collaboration with Philips a standout success in our portfolio. 

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