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5 Great Brand Video Examples to Inspire You

Making a creative brand video is crucial in marketing today. These videos grab people’s attention, tell stories that stick, and build strong ties with viewers all over the world. Analysing the top brand videos, we’ve picked out five great ones to show you. Whether you’re a marketer, a business owner, or just someone keen on learning from the best, these videos are proof of how powerful storytelling can elevate a brand. 

What are Brand Videos? 

Brand videos are short films made by companies. They are designed to introduce viewers to a company’s ethos, products, or services in an engaging and memorable way. These videos tell stories that help people feel a connection to the brand. They show the brand’s personality and values that help viewers understand why the brand matters. By using stories, images, and music that grab attention, brand videos make people more likely to remember and choose that brand when they’re shopping. This helps to nurture leads into customers

5 Great Brand Video Examples 

Dove India – “#StopTheBeautyTest” 


Dove India launched the “#StopTheBeautyTest” campaign to spotlight the intense social pressures women face regarding traditional beauty standards, particularly during arranged marriages. The campaign video encourages people to celebrate their unique beauty and challenges old beauty standards. The campaign calls attention to the need for societal change in how beauty is perceived and valued. It opposes the idea of qualifying or quantifying beauty against arbitrary standards. 

Why It Worked 

The campaign got very popular with 32 million views due to its relatable content and positive message. The campaign’s strength lies in its authenticity and the positive message of embracing one’s unique beauty. It is a powerful extension of Dove’s commitment to challenging beauty stereotypes and empowering women. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Counters Traditional Beauty Norms: Encourages questioning societal expectations of beauty. 
  • Advocates for Self-Love: Highlights the importance of embracing one’s natural beauty. 
  • Aligns with Dove’s Mission: Supports Dove’s global commitment to broadening the beauty narrative. 

Boat – Rockin’ India! 


Boat, a lifestyle brand known for its headphones, earphones, and speakers, introduced the “Rockin’ India!” campaign. The brand video aimed to align the brand with the vibrant energy and musical passions of the youth. The campaign included dynamic videos that appealed to young audiences, showcasing the brand’s trendy image and superior sound quality.  

Importantly, the campaign also used the “Born in India” tagline, enhancing its emotional appeal and positioning Boat as India’s brand. 

Why It Works 

The campaign strikes a chord due to its perfect blend of high-energy visuals and a clear focus on music and style. These are the elements that deeply resonate with the brand’s target demographic. By portraying the brand’s product as an essential accessory for the young and the restless, Boat successfully communicates its relevance and appeal in the lifestyle of its consumers. The campaign’s effectiveness lies in its ability to showcase the brand as a symbol of youth culture.  

Furthermore, incorporating the “Born in India” tagline significantly boosts the campaign’s emotional appeal, encouraging consumers to support and take pride in a brand that represents their own country. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Youthful Energy: Captures the spirited lifestyle and musical interests of younger consumers. 
  • Style and Quality: Highlights Boat’s commitment to delivering not just style but also excellent audio performance. 
  • Brand Identity: Strengthens Boat’s position as a brand that’s both cool and connected to music. 
  • “Born in India” Pride: The campaign’s use of the “Born in India” tagline strengthens its emotional connection with the audience, promoting a sense of national pride and support for homegrown products. 

Vicks – One In A Million #TouchOfCare 


Vicks shared a new video in its #TouchOfCare campaign, telling the real story of Nisha, a young girl with a very rare skin condition called Ichthyosis. The video shows how her life changes for the better with the love and care of her adoptive parents, Aloma and David Lobo. It highlights how important care is, showing that Nisha can have dreams and happiness like any other kid because of her parents’ support. 

Why It Works 

The success of the #TouchOfCare campaign comes from its heart-touching story that many people can relate to. It effectively links back to Vicks’ message about the importance of care, making the brand stand out. The story of Nisha and her family touches people’s hearts, attracting millions of views. It proves that good storytelling in brand videos can connect deeply with people, making them remember and talk about the brand. 

Key Takeaways 

  • The Power of Caring: The video shows how caring for someone can make a big difference, especially for kids who face tough challenges. 
  • Family Is More Than Blood: It reminds us that family isn’t just about who you’re related to by blood; it’s also about who you choose to love and support. 
  • Fits Well With Vicks: The story connects well with Vicks’ image as a brand that stands for caring and family. 

Vicco Vajradanti, #MazedaarNahiAsardaar 


Vicco Vajradanti is a brand renowned for its dental health products for nearly seven decades. It chose to break away from the conventional toothpaste market’s emphasis on minty flavors and foamy textures with its Mazedaar Nahi Asardaar campaign. Recognizing the need to prioritize gum health, the brand initiated a frank dialogue about its product’s unique qualities. Unlike typical toothpaste, Vicco Vajradanti might not offer a minty taste or excessive foam, but it excels in addressing gum issues. This honest approach was translated into a series of straightforward advertisements under the campaign slogan “Mazedaar Nahi, Asardaar!” emphasizing the product’s efficacy over sensory pleasures. 

Why It Works 

The “Mazedaar Nahi, Asardaar!” campaign stands out for its candidness, directly addressing the product’s purpose and who it’s for. This honesty helps build trust with consumers looking for specific health benefits, setting Vicco Vajradanti apart in a crowded market. The straightforward advertising approach, emphasizing truth over embellishment, resonates well with audiences tired of conventional marketing tactics. This strategy not only reinforces the brand’s integrity but also highlights its commitment to solving real consumer problems, proving that sincerity can be a powerful tool in marketing. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Honesty is Key: The campaign is built on the foundation of being open about what the product doesn’t offer—minty freshness or lots of foam—focusing instead on its benefits for gum health. 
  • Targeted Solution: It’s positioned as the ideal choice for those seeking effective solutions for gum problems, rather than those looking for the sensory experience other toothpastes provide. 
  • Simple Execution: The “look into the eyes and just say the truth” execution style conveys sincerity, making the message clear and impactful. 



Lenskart aims to offer high-quality, designer glasses at affordable prices to every Indian. To tackle the challenge of maintaining its aspirational appeal while being perceived as a value-for-money brand, Lenskart launched a series of advertisements featuring Karan Johar. These ads effectively address the perception issue by humorously showcasing Karan Johar’s hesitation over the brand’s trendy yet affordable eyewear. This type of storytelling is aimed at bridging the gap between the quality, style, and price of its products. 

Why It Works 

The campaign stands out for its innovative approach to addressing a common brand perception challenge. By leveraging Karan Johar’s hesitation, which mirrors potential customer concerns, Lenskart effectively communicates that it doesn’t compromise on quality or style for the sake of affordability. The humorous and light-hearted execution of the ads makes the message memorable and engaging. This strategy reinforces the brand’s value proposition, demonstrating that it’s possible to offer designer quality at accessible prices. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Fashion Influence: The campaign cleverly plays on the contrast between Lenskart’s stylish offerings and its affordable pricing, aligning with the aspirational nature of fashion. 
  • Consumer Perception: Directly tackles the potential consumer concern that low prices might imply lower quality, resolving this through engaging and humorous content. 
  • Brand Features Highlight: Creatively incorporates key selling points such as cost-efficiency by cutting out the middleman and 3-day guaranteed delivery, all through witty dialogues between Karan Johar and the brand’s founder. 

What Makes a Great Brand Video? 

Storytelling That Stands Out 

The best brand videos tell a story that is not only captivating but also distinct. It’s the uniqueness of your narrative that will set your brand apart in a crowded market. 

Select a commercial video production company that not only understands your vision but also has the expertise to bring it to life. Look for a team with a proven track record in creating brand videos that engage and inspire. 

Emotional Connection 

Creating an emotional bond with your audience can turn viewers into loyal fans. Whether it’s joy, nostalgia, or inspiration, tapping into emotions can elevate your brand video from good to unforgettable. To create that emotional connection, knowing your audience is important.  

Even senior DoP Bijitesh De in our podcast on visual storytelling in ad films, emphasized creating an emotional connection with the audience.  “See even in a brand, ads campaign, there’s lot of things you have to connect to your audience. So that they’ll get convinced with your product, once they are convinced with your brand and they start trusting your product. Then they only can buy that or start believing in that and then go for it. So, there is again another communication. It has to happen, that emotional communication.” 

Clear Messaging 

Amidst the creative visuals and storytelling, the core message of your brand should shine through clearly. The audience must understand not just the story you’re telling but also the reason behind it. Tailor your message, tone, and visuals to match the preferences and needs of your target audience. Define what action you want your audience to take after watching your video and ensure your call to action is unmistakable. 

High-Quality Production 

Professional video production is key to making your vision come to life. High-quality visuals, sound, and editing are essential in creating a brand video that is engaging and effective. 

It’s clear that a great brand video is more than just an ad—it’s a way to connect deeply with viewers. Looking at standout examples, we see that the best videos mix creativity with a strong message that speaks directly to people’s emotions. From Dove’s campaign that challenges beauty norms to Lenskart’s clever use of humour with Karan Johar, these videos teach us valuable lessons. They show that understanding your audience, telling a unique story, and ensuring high-quality production can truly make a brand stand out. Keep these key points in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a brand video that not only grabs attention but also wins hearts. 

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