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You can buy a variety of Indian stock videos here, including cultural footage, landscapes, cityscapes, people, and more.

The cost of Indian stock videos can vary greatly, depending on the website, the quality of the footage, and the licensing options available. Some stock video websites offer video footage at affordable prices, while others may be more expensive. At, pricing depends on resolution and quality of the video – you can even get pro footage here that would fit well in a professional documentary.

Yes, the stock videos you find on our site are royalty-free once you buy them! No need to pay any recurring royalties to anyone. Buy and download once, and you can use them multiple times in your projects and ads.

Yes, most stock video websites offer preview options for the Indian stock videos, allowing you to see the footage before making a purchase. You can preview the watermarked version on the product page.

To buy Indian stock videos online on our site, you will need to create an account and buy a credit pack. After that, add the clips you want to buy to your cart. Then, you can proceed to checkout and make the payment using a credit card or other payment methods.

Yes, Indian stock videos are available in different resolutions, such as 1080p, 4K, and more. The resolution options may vary depending on the stock video website. On, we currently have videos in 720p, full HD and 4k, and we’re adding more soon.