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We’re back with another fantastic episode of Photosynthesis!

This time we caught up with versatile travel photographer TM Adithya Shravan. We talked about his go-to shooting spots and a sneak peek into his upcoming projects.

Adithya shared some really helpful tips on starting a career in landscape photography. His suggestion is all about keeping it simple – mastering the basics with your regular camera or phone before investing in expensive gear. According to him, it’s important to explore your device’s features to boost your photography skills.

We also discussed landscape, star trail, long exposure, and Milky Way photography. Adithya gave us some practical tips on the gear you need and how to improve your techniques. And yes, he suggested some handy apps for finding stars and checking the night sky.

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References mentioned in the podcast –
Photopills App
Star Tracker App
Night Sky App
Intervalometer App
SJ Cam
Sunburst Photography
Bulb Mode in Photography
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Vineet (00:01.206) 

Hi everyone and welcome back to individual, the podcast and well, videocast where we talk to some of India’s best photographers, videographers and discuss the art and the business of photography and videography in India. Today we have with us someone who’s specialized in landscape photography for many, many years, Mr. TM Aritya. Hi Aritya, how are you? 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (00:21.818) 

Hi, this is T.M. Aditya Shravan. I’m a versatile travel photographer and also a nature enthusiast where I love to travel a lot to each and every place and explore new things in the market. And also I have a collection of cameras and also I have a collection of gadgets where I want to do many things in landscape photography and everything. 

Vineet (00:44.514) 

Gear acquisition syndrome 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (00:46.337) 

Yeah also that is also we can say that also we can say. 

Vineet (00:49.846) 

I have gone through many years of it. Sometimes I get bored and I feel like buying a new lens. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (00:54.429) 

See, the thing is of course upgrading gadgets is something it feels painful but once you upgrade and once you use the feel is different that’s the different thing. 

Vineet (01:05.192) 

Like I’ve gone through a lot of lenses and now I’ve settled on a few that I haven’t just absolutely and then there are some that I’ve sold and I’m like I wish I had not sold them. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (01:09.569) 

Yeah, yeah. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (01:13.369) 

At least we feel that, we feel that pain. We feel pain. 

Vineet (01:16.854) 

Yeah, latest on my list there is the Sony 90mm macro and I’m like why did I ever see that then? I’m going to buy that again. Yeah, so tell us you’ve done a lot of landscape photography, night photography etc. What’s your favourite place in India? 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (01:21.589) 

Oh, that is literally amazing, amazing. Yeah, yeah. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (01:33.145) 

See according to many people say that they consider with the states and they go but as I have seen till date my place in Karnataka, I am from Karnataka where I want to represent some of the location which is called Kudreyamukka. So where I can say it is a vast location in Chikamagaluru for beautiful landscape photography. 

Vineet (01:55.578) 


Vineet (01:59.338) 

Amazing. Oh, that’s very cool. I’ve been to Chikmagalore once many years ago. I don’t even remember which part. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (02:04.421) 

No, no, it comes only under Chikamoguluru district. That’s the main thing. But this is different. From Chikamoguluru also it is around 125 kilometers away from Chikamoguluru. 

Vineet (02:13.854) 

Oh wow! Is this close to the Kerala border side? I don’t know Karnataka all that. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (02:18.125) 

No, no, not the Kerala border. This is nearby to where you say Karkala. Have you heard about Dharmastala or Karkala? You will be knowing about it. So that is Kukkeshu Brahmania and everything. This is all well connected with the nearby to coastal region where the Western Ghats ends and the coastal region starts. That’s the great. Yeah, almost like coming back to the point almost I can say in. 

Vineet (02:25.654) 

Yes, yes, yes. 

Vineet (02:36.362) 

That sounds amazing. So, do you end up going there very often or like? 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (02:46.797) 

How can I say, at least 2 to 3 months once I will be visiting these places. 

Vineet (02:50.41) 

once in two to three months, then you must know the place inside. How important is it when you do landscape photography, how much does it help to go back again and again? Like, do you learn something new every time? Do you figure this is a better location? 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (02:53.806) 

Y’all better be. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (03:02.254) 

See, no, every season, every moment, every time it changes. See we people say autumn, foreign countries they’ll show everywhere they’ll show that the leaves are getting down and shedding down and everything. Everything you can witness here also the same things. But main perspective is in Western Ghats, if the leaves shed also the greenery will be the green only from the top if you view. If you view from the top, the top view will be evergreen. 

Vineet (03:14.412) 


T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (03:29.357) 

So only we call Western Ghats as a specialized special place on earth, especially we treat that. 

Vineet (03:35.51) 

Well that’s amazing. So tell us more. So when you do landscape photography, what kind of landscape photography do you end up doing? Do you do night photography like or? 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (03:44.541) 

Mainly composition matters a lot for us, see sometimes I choose mountains and hills and sometimes grasslands and huge kind of seashores with landscape and seashore with an amazing BG of sunset, so one time one things will go, that’s the main purpose of landscape. Landscape is not defined in any of these languages, sometimes we will show the landscape with cityscape, so how it varies. 

So it will be around 20-30 kilometers away from city, so we can show the city through landscape photography, that is also there. 

Vineet (04:19.757) 

from a distance, absolutely. As just as one, the city is only one part of the whole scene rather than just peeking over the photo itself. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (04:28.933) 

According to my knowledge as I have researched and as I have seen, see every landscape photographer loves to go with only nature, every landscape photographer loves to go only with nature, 90% of the people but in the 10% where I have seen some people will choose Astro and some people will choose the night scape with landscape and some people will choose with sunset with landscape and some people with sunrise with landscape so that is what the combination you need to try and try and try again. 

to get betterment results. 

Vineet (05:01.418) 

And how do you figure your style? How do you figure like just practice and practice and practice? Or did you start out, no, this is what I want to do. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (05:08.309) 

No, no, see versatile travel photographer as I want to introduce as a versatile travel photographer only see various kind of lenses I use, various kind of equipments I use because of only one thing, not only landscape I am concentrating, I am concentrating on portraits, I am concentrating on this one wildlife and all these streams just I want to see astro, wildlife, macro. So every field. 

not macro means I am not into depth of macro but a small part of macro I will be looking into it. 

Vineet (05:40.631) 


Vineet (05:45.994) 

So what are you trying to do these days? What are you trying to shoot these days? What kind? 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (05:50.769) 

As from sometime I am not able to move out of my home because of these some of my issues I couldn’t move out but of course I am planning for some of the big projects like Karnataka Vaibhuga where I want to showcase the Western Ghats mainline culture how it goes with the sea how it goes with the coastal line because many people would have shot Chikmagalore many places they would have shot. 

and no one has shown the coastal line properly, exact coastal line, how it goes and what and all the precautionary measures to be taken on the coastal line. While travelling I need to show people, please be a responsible traveller also, equally when you are travelling or else when you are a photographer, please be a responsible traveller also, I want to just say about that. 

Vineet (06:38.454) 

Fair enough, fair enough. So, I want to ask a few questions about night photography. So, there’s star trails, there’s Milky Way capturing, there’s a lot to do. Let’s start with long exposure photography. Any specific tips you have for people trying to get better? There is of course the basics of exposure, but beyond that. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (06:43.609) 

Sure, sure, definitely. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (06:53.113) 


T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (07:00.313) 

See, my kind of photography starts with cityscapes first. Firstly, I say people do not rush into any of the Milky Way, I want to see chase the stars and I want to take the Milky Way, see the location, see the season. See every day the star moments are different, every day the star moments goes different and whenever you like to see stars it is not quite easy to… 

It’s not available daily because of the clouds, whatever the weather forecast and weather conditions you need to check out everything and you need to work on it and you need to move on. So I say daily you observe the pattern of stars how it moves. So we have an app called Star Trails app we have you can check with that and some of the people will use some premier apps like photo fills. So where it will be exactly showing at what time this moon rises and what time. 

you need to go out and take Milky Way shots and everything. You can take, you can adjust and some of these softwares are there for phone photographers who are urging towards it also. It supports long trails and some of the shots whatever the compulsion shots where DSLR can perform the same shots can be performed in your smart phones also. 

Vineet (08:20.887) 


That’s an interesting one. So you’re saying smart, but do they have the capability to take good night shots? 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (08:28.105) 

Obviously many say that I am not about iOS, I am not describing only about iOS because I don’t know much about iOS, here I am accepting. Especially Android users who are there and they are using their pro cameras behind everyone, every phone has a pro camera except some of the old phones doesn’t have the pro camera but now with all 2020 plus cameras, 2020 plus phones have the pro camera. 

Pro mode in it. So they can use at least for 10 seconds they have given, 10 seconds negative where it shoots at least stars or Milky Way. Milky Way is more than enough for 10 seconds, more than enough to shoot 10 seconds. So yeah, light pollution matters a lot. 

Vineet (09:10.768) 

Yeah, if there’s no light pollution around any of it. 

Vineet (09:16.706) 

Yeah, because that’s a problem in North India that I’ve seen. It’s very hard to find a dark sky. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (09:23.009) 

No, but the thing is you need to have the websites you have, websites to check with that. Some of the websites like Nightskies or else you can Google it. So you can… 

Vineet (09:35.458) 

Do they have Indian information? So that’s amazing. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (09:39.481) 

Yeah, yeah, everywhere you will get the information because see what the star pattern goes and what the things happen there when the meteor falls everything every description is given by them. If you Google it you will get it many websites are there which gives the info because of satellites we are getting everything from satellites so out of that many people see satellites which are moving and they see star falling from the this one sky but star is 

star will be filling every 2 seconds, every 2 seconds one star will pass. So the thing is you need to have patience to see that with your vision, you need to have only one vision to see the stars that’s the one thing and one more thing is you need to camp for especially if you are taking a star trail you need to camp for other location where you have no light pollution also and good facility for your camera charge also that also matters a lot. 

They will come and say, complain that see my charge has gone, I couldn’t record full stars and all, they say. But we people will plan for the power bank and everything, power backup, power bank and everything and then we will go there and we will take the star shots. 

Vineet (10:55.01) 

What’s your, the one photo that you’re most proud of? 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (10:59.781) 

Probably I can say wildlife was my passion and wildlife is my first love. So where I can represent wildlife was something good and there also I have made many of the frames and I have done n number of my works in that.  

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (11:29.281) 

I just shot a Racket-Tailed Drongo in Western Guards where it took a sensational, it was a sensational shot and it made my entire career into, it gave a turning point to my career. In recognition and also in case of getting featured on many platforms and many places and many magazines, two, three magazines, some of the reputed magazines and all. And basically I am an article writer. 

Vineet (11:43.583) 

In what way? 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (11:58.553) 

2 for Sebus Wildlife Magazine. 

Vineet (12:01.462) 

Oh yeah, so that ties in. So because this is a question a lot of landscape photographers have very commonly. It’s very hard to make a, like to turn landscape photography into a career. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (12:15.025) 

Yes of course, I totally agree to this point because landscape equipment is only so costly. First thing, while investing you need to have a proper job and they say 9 to 5 job I have I want to build my career in this and I want to do. Yes you people can do, don’t purchase too expensive cameras in your hand. Initially go with normal cams or else normal phones, invest on phone which is good in market, 

which can make good photographs and you have external lenses for all kind of mobiles now. We have external lenses which cuts the light ND filters, we call it as ND filters. So that you can use that ND filters and you can make some of the good images and good photographs out of it. So do not go more much, do not invest much on cameras now. 

when you are getting a shot and you are not satisfied with phone cam and no, somewhere I want to upgrade means then you start thinking of the mirrorless or else DSLR. 

Vineet (13:21.238) 

This is actually very important advice that I got from a friend once that only upgrade when you know why you need to. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (13:30.425) 

That is perfect thing who has said because without knowing upgradation doesn’t work anywhere and if you are more enough and if you are tired of this camera then you go for other camera. 

Vineet (13:42.314) 

Yeah, but don’t be like us, the gear acquisition syndrome thing, just because you’re bored, you’re buying something new, you know why. So for example, when I upgraded my camera this time, I knew that I needed faster animal eye autofocus. It was very clear that I am spending a lot of money on a new camera. This is, I need really, really fast autofocus and I need animal eye autofocus to work in continuous sport. That was my specific reason to upgrade. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (13:50.826) 

Ah, ha. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (13:57.177) 




Vineet (14:09.706) 

Now the lens that I’m again going to buy for the second time, because it does one is to one macro and is like the sharpest lens I’ve ever seen have a clear reason. So then this was, I think the best advice I’ve gotten for gear purchase. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (14:23.109) 

like exactly the thing, youngsters we don’t have, see we come out spending lot of things on education first, firstly I want to say to the youngsters, we will be spending lakhs of rupees on our education and we will come out of that education field and we need to do something, we will take some break for some time and we need to do something means at that time home people or whoever it may be, anyone it will hit hard that their hard 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (14:52.237) 

waste gadgets or something you should not waste they will also say that same thing but my advice goes here you first explore a lot, you first explore a lot to youngsters any of them I am saying this because as I am also a youngster I know that I have explored a lot from my when I was out of the college I didn’t choose any job over here so I just make sure that I was going through my over one year I took a break. 

and I asked my parents that I need to have some clarity about my life and I started my career over here. Likewise I was not spending my money on something which is too expensive, I was not spending on any of these expensive life. I was just used to have like wherever I get budget rooms or budget friendly stays, so I used to go over there and I used to stay and I used to make sure get the frames and back that was my life. Now I am okay with spending my money on expensive also and wherever I can. 

wherever I can be, yes I am ready because the thing is in these years I have learnt that our mind set should be clear that wherever I go whatever it is we should adjust and we need to be compressed and precisely we should be there. That’s the one thing I give suggestion for youngsters, don’t invest more and more on anything. First clarity. 

Vineet (16:10.494) 

And also with this, also the time versus effort slash money balance that you have to strike. Like when I was in college, I had a lot of time, but not, but no money. So I’m happy to, you know, take 200 photos, 300 photos, because I wasn’t doing photography in college,. But yeah. So if I have time, I’m happy to save money and spend and take a lot of photos. Now time is at a premium. So I would rather than. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (16:26.158) 

Yeah, yeah. 

Vineet (16:37.838) 

think about it and invest in a good lens that I know or a good camera that I know my keeper rate is higher, I know I won’t be losing photos, I know that I’ll capture those moments in the first attempt itself. So that time versus money thing is a very important one. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (16:46.565) 

Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (16:50.793) 

that makes sense because as I say time flies and everything we say we need to change for the time to time. We need to change, we need to upgrade when we are eligible for that. We need to know that I am okay, I am doing good for this and I am okay, I am ready to take the challenge and consequences whatever it may be and I have the bank balance behind me or else I have the courage to go. 

this should be our mindset then only you people go and upgrade everywhere or else do not go and do not upgrade and do not fell into the big. 

Vineet (17:26.146) 

Yeah, yeah. And if you’re starting and absolutely if you’re starting. So for example, so as they’re saying, today’s phones are good enough to do a lot. But if you want to get into like get a proper camera, then even a Fuji X-T100 is actually a great start. With their 15-45mm kit lens that comes with it, which I’m guessing you can happily get a good condition thing on OLX. If you take a friend along. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (17:53.101) 

Why not, not only OLX, you can go to the camera stores and you can approach there to have the second hand cameras which they get to their stores and you can request them, whoever the dealer is they will make sure they will give you. But while taking up second hand cameras for learning purpose that is fine, but when you are investing for your creative journey or else creators journey, I suggest them to go with a new one. 

Vineet (17:57.23) 

Yeah, yeah,  

Vineet (18:18.83) 

But I would do that once you know enough. Don’t start with new. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (18:21.997) 

Yeah, yeah, the thing is, yeah, but when you are into the fixed mindset of yes, I can take that shots and I am ready to do a number of things and I can focus and I make a career in this, then you go on with that. 

Vineet (18:35.462) 

Because there are also, see there’s so many different camera models. There’s no one best. Like let’s say I want to spend two lakh rupees on a camera. I don’t know what I’m talking about. Let’s say there are still so many models, which one, right? And each one will be solving a different problem for someone. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (18:50.357) 

This is the biggest matter in entire this one now. It’s being so much of because mirrorless has dominated in every brand now. So one says go for Sony and one says go for Fiji film or one say go for Canon. Whatever your requirement is take for rental purpose. Take for rental purpose. It’s all available for rents. Now it’s available. 

because in long old days the rent was also not there, there was no rent in 2016 because no much renting option was there for us because there was no mirrorless, that used to be our main problem in 2016 or 2015 there was no renting option more but now you have more options first you rent, you check out and then you go for a brand that is what I can say the people who are renting. 

Vineet (19:44.054) 

Absolutely, absolutely agreed. The point being the same that when you’re just starting out, don’t spend too much money, it’s not. Spend your money, think about it, test around. If you have a friend, you know, go out with them, learn something. Once you know better, once you know that you’re willing to, that you actually do enjoy the hobby, firstly. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (19:51.117) 

Yeah, yeah, I don’t know. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (20:04.429) 

Yeah, yeah, there is only the work where you start loving your work, then only you can enjoy. That’s the main thing I can say here. 

Vineet (20:11.57) 

Exactly. So now coming back to time-lapse photography. Like my favorite photo that I’ve ever taken was a time-lapse and just lots of star photography from above Everest base camp at 4 AM in minus 21 degree weather. Three batteries because they just kept freezing and like tiny, tiny. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (20:12.773) 

So, five laps. 


T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (20:25.778) 

Oh, I’m gonna miss this one. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (20:33.709) 

Yeah batteries will go drained, I know well about it. 

Vineet (20:37.182) 

And for me, for me, the, I can’t take that context out. Okay. One is of course, there’s like millions of stars in the sky in the photos, but also the fact that I put in that effort and I got somewhere is part of the reward of seeing that photo. It’s not just the quality of that photo. It is, you know, the memories that I associate with it. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (20:52.889) 

Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (20:56.697) 

Yeah yeah memories forever that will be there in our every one and coming back to the point time lapse matters a lot see way back around in 2015 or 2016 when I started my career it was 2015 I can say from there I will talk so the time lapse was only in GoPros and I hope you will be knowing the GoPro was some of the best thing where one who has GoPro means he would been seen like somewhere king that would be something great. 

I can say that after some years it started with phone in phone only they started with time-lapse mode and everything after three to four years it started in time-lapse mode in phone and everything they start improving and everything they gave and now we have a phone which is beautiful and we can’t even compare a phone and GoPro next to next we can’t keep and frame to frame we can’t even match that’s the problem of us now. 

because phone can do more better than GoPro and GoPro is lagging I hope, I hope because they have actually they have not taken the technology more I hope in front of phones because phone people want to serve all whole country or else whole world especially for photographers, videographers it is so easy to take in phone because we will be having in pocket every time we will be having in pocket so it will serve the purpose right than GoPro. 

Every time switching on the GoPro and switching off the GoPro it will be quite tough for general people normally I am saying whoever goes as a normal tourist but not for the photographers to take. If you ask a photographer what is your perfect thing to take time lapse I choose a photographer will be like crazy how he chooses is I want a 16mm lens which is 1.4 or 1.2 f. 

F aperture and one more thing is he will be shooting in only mirrorless camera that too full frame camera which has this much of speed card and everything he will give this much big options and normal tourist people definitely they don’t regret because they want a time lapse they want a time lapse that’s it because they don’t have more time to shoot that’s what the thing over here. 

Vineet (23:15.062) 

No absolutely that’s where I end up like so many times I’ll have my camera with me but I’m still taking photos of my phone It is right there 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (23:21.709) 

because sometimes one will serve the purpose I am saying you this. 

Vineet (23:24.386) 

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. If I want to do a hyperlapse, there’s no way I’m going to use my camera unless I have planned it in advance, unless I have so much time. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (23:31.661) 

So that also when you come coming back to the point when you are having more patience not time I am saying not about the time more patience when you have more patience then you can use the photo mode and you can stack and you can come and stack in your laptop or else system those photographs or else those videos into and ask it to convert to video photos to video and video to. 

that video format can be converted into 4K or else 1080p whatever you want the resolution you can keep. 

Vineet (24:04.974) 

Actually, it just makes sense really, really spending time on studying phone camera capabilities. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (24:10.945) 

Yeah, there are more, actually you know many people won’t even check out their camera book which they have given their information and regulations whatever the things have been done and what kind of more they have given they don’t even check about that, many people do the same mistake, they will go and they will want to take capture, they want to capture, capture that, they don’t want to explore any of these things. See basically people want blurry background, if I ask my friends, some of my friends are there. 

What is the purpose of you took camera there if I ask hey I want DSLR which makes sense my portrait should come with a blurry background that’s it. 

Vineet (24:50.198) 

But that’s great because that’s an easy problem to solve. Get a 51.8 and you’re sorted. Learn the basics. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (24:54.549) 

No, no, they don’t know just they think that a blurry background I require that’s it. Now the phone is serving the purpose with the portrait mode. So they will purchase an expensive phone which is available in the market and they will come and they will say that yes I am happy with this. No DSLR can perform in front of this they say and as the thing is DSLRs and all it’s all manual things we do and we set and precisely we. 

work on it and we will take the capture, we will capture the photograph but these people how they do is just one click like this they will take selfie and they say that hey man your camera is not so good because the lighting and all it is not showing because these cameras or these phone cameras what we will be having they use the chip which is so good and they will make it more and they write software for it. 

and it is automatically everything is done shutter speed, ISO and everything will be automatically taken when many people doesn’t know this they will go and they don’t even check the details whatever they take whenever they take they don’t check the details whatever when you go for time lapse of so at what FPS it has shot no one knows if you ask them hey I just kept for time lapse it was good that’s it or else I just kept for slow motion it was good why it was good? 

what settings it was just check with your camera if I say where it will be everyone ask me where it will be. 

Vineet (26:24.118) 

Well, which is fine. One is that I want great photos. Period. I will take. I am done. This is not my interest. I just want great photos. One is I want to learn more. I want to become a better photographer. They are two, I would say, happily different things. Like, yeah. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (26:34.511) 


T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (26:38.061) 

But the thing is every time the purpose will serve but sometimes we will rock because we are a professionals, we are leading professional will rock because we know what kind of settings will be there with us and they ask us why it is getting so evening and I am not getting my shots are so grainy and your shots are so superb, how is it possible they ask us and we say it is all because of our efforts which we have put in this field for these years. 

Vineet (26:49.814) 


Vineet (27:05.046) 

Yeah, that’s true. You’ll be like on the phone. If you aren’t really getting into the settings, you’ll hit a threshold. Absolutely. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (27:12.653) 

Yeah, yeah, that’s… 

Vineet (27:14.87) 

That’s true. So now coming back to the, how to get much, much better at doing long exposure photography and doing start rails. Let’s talk about start rails. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (27:27.365) 

Start Rails, ok, see Start Rails first I said you as I said choose a location where light pollution will be zero and the clouds must be properly set, the clouds should not be there more clouds and see check the weather forecast you will get to know 100 percent about it and go with the Photofills app, so whatever I have recommended Photofills app or else Start Rails app or else Star this one recognition app, many apps are there for 

and check the Milky Way positioning, so there is a Milky Way positioning where it comes and what time it will raise, so you can check in advance only, on the daytime only you can check and you can go plan for that night or else whatever it may be as their convenience,  

Check with the weather first and then you can decide everything because weather won’t be consistent for everyone. 

Vineet (28:31.691) 

Yeah, agree. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (28:32.793) 

That’s what the thing and start rails has some of these settings and we people usually as a photographer in phone if I want to take start rails, so how long I can take is just 30 seconds many people say, no that is wrong. In phone applications, in phone camera whatever the stock camera is yes 30 seconds is more than enough that’s only enough people say, but according to my knowledge as I have seen 

till date, Involta meter, Intervolta meter is the one of the app which helps everyone to get more timing and it is so cheap on this one Play Store which is 120 or 130 rupees it costs you. For lifetime subscript, lifetime you will get for lifetime and you can take and you can handle it, you can download it on other device also and you can pay the same amount for pro version. Pro version they will ask you like 30, 40 rupees extra for payment. 

So you can pay and you can get it and then there are the settings which you can do for 3, 3 seconds or 5, 5 seconds where you need to give break and then you need to shoot the stars. So there the star movement will be like this. So overall you will get the start rails like this, whatever it may be. And if you need full start rails, you need to start at 7 o’clock, 7 p.m. in the evening and you need to end at 4 a.m. in the morning. 

There it comes a lot of challenging task for us and many people some photographers are there they can they say that we will stack and stack and stack more on stacking they will relay. So one time stacking is fine and two time stacking is fine. Three times four times again and again the stacked picture only if you stack that will be worst actually and the stars will be so clumsy it will be next to next, next to next there will be no layer pattern there will be only normal one pattern and they say that 

they will get to know that it is so easy, it is so easy and it will run out of many things I hope we will be knowing about. 

Vineet (30:38.954) 

Yeah, I’ve tried a couple of softwares. I could just, I’ve never been able to do a start real successfully. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (30:45.022) 

Successful rate is so low because of our phone battery also, not only our phone battery whatever we have we are using DSLR battery and whatever battery it is, we are low about that so only it will be quite tough for everyone. 

Vineet (31:01.55) 

But also everyone keep in mind as Ritya was saying check the weather, check the weather When you’re planning your trip, check the weather I’ve been in situations where I’ve taken my tripod, taken my camera, taken an ultra wide angle and 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (31:16.217) 

And one more thing is best time to travel is from October end to March end. That is it. That is good time. April and May I hope you will be knowing everywhere. The couples will be crowded. 90 percent of the time you can get the shots and many people, landscape people will face a lot of issues, landscape photographers especially. We face lot of issues because the place won’t be clean and neat and as we think it won’t be available. That is the problem. 

But if you take now also it is not available as we think but still at least you will get some free time, you can take some shots in the free time. That is what I think. 

Vineet (31:52.967) 

Yeah. So, how do you plan? What do you plan in terms of equipment? What else? So one is weather, obviously you have to check. Equipment wise, let’s say we come to the camera now. You’re taking star trails and long exposures with the camera on the trip. What all do you need to pack beyond the camera tripod lenses? 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (32:00.909) 

Yeah. So. 


T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (32:13.769) 

I recommend camera with one your phone should be also fully charged because your phone will be your remote control for cameras now, now a days everything is going on application running on application way back if you go with around 5-6 years back you used to have we used to have this interval meter and also that used to get connected with our cameras 

Vineet (32:34.782) 


T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (32:42.229) 

and we used to set that and we used to keep it and we used to run, but now… 

Vineet (32:47.534) 

By the way, if someone is buying a second hand camera or an old camera to start on a budget, an intervalometer is still something you can buy very cheaply I think with like a thousand twelve hundred rupees So you don’t actually need a new phone which is Wi-Fi connected or a new camera which is Wi-Fi connected to your phone You can do everything with that 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (32:58.954) 

it will be like thousand bucks. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (33:04.301) 

Yeah, yeah, the thing is that is good. No interval meter will be good actually, actually it will be good. But some of the interval meters what happens you know, you need to put some gum or tape on it and you need to hold pressure on it and these things will happen you know and there also the premium interval meters will be too costly. Likewise it will be like 8000, 10,000 many people will say that oh why should I spend on this god. 

Vineet (33:32.078) 


T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (33:32.277) 

And many people doesn’t know about ND filters which come for night photography also many people use ND filters. So I recommend where the light pollution is quite high use ND filters or else don’t use any ND filter just shoot in a raw location with raw life. How you get however your action speaks so you do that and come out and then you start with the processing. 


Vineet (34:02.302) 

Do ND filters help in an area with light pollution? Like will you still be able to catch… 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (34:06.247) 

Light pollution will at least get quiet now. 

See interval meters what you can do is you can go with bulb mode also, the bulb mode will help you in one shot, clicking one shot which is which you can click for 3 minutes or 5 minutes or 10 minutes or 15 minutes you can click and the processing time also it will take around that much of minutes only equally, equally I will say that will be the thing when you are going for bulb mode shots, bulb mode shots are like I recommend them to go with just. 

10 minutes is more than enough, not even 10 minutes, just 3 minutes is more than enough for people who want actually, I am actually fed up of clicking more pictures, I don’t want bulky pictures for my shots, just stars just it should move like this, in Himachal Pradesh stars and all it will move like beautiful, it will move beautifully, but when you come back with the stars or when you come back with the shots when you see, why it is blurry? 

that will be there for 30-30 seconds if you clip interval also it will be because of only one thing a sturdy tripod is also more important when you go for hilly region because that will be a main thing where you are investing cameras lacks together and you are not spending thousands of rupees on your tripod means the wind can affect your camera, photographs and everything this is what I can say to everyone. 

Vineet (35:35.446) 

And lenses can get heavy, some lenses, especially if you are doing wildlife, some lenses can get very heavy So don’t buy a 700 rupee tripod, please 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (35:43.205) 

No, no not only 700 rupees and all that actually what you know initial days everyone will be crazy to shoot on that and then they realize after see what happens when you hang your cameras on 700 rupees tripod with a weight of 5 kilos or 6 kilos it will come down like this, it will come down like this. So what happens? 

the lens will be bent like this and moreover you can’t lift it also, the lens is quite heavy also and while lifting up it will be quite tough and not only that lens when you are using telephoto lenses on any of your cameras that you fixed with these things it will be quite tough to you, anyone it may be. I am just recommending not to go for 100, 700, just go with 5000 because it is a decent amount 5000 will be the starting amount for cameras. 

Vineet (36:38.07) 

Yeah, there are some good brands like Manfrotto is a good one. Again, this is not a sponsored thing. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (36:42.317) 

Manfort many companies are there but Indian make companies are also there like e image tripod, which is good Actually, which is a 7k 8k only you can get Aluminium tripod with sturdy one you can get it for 7000. Yeah, he image e image in Sure, sure definitely. I’ll definitely update the link because e image is good tripod where sturdiness I am actually I am I can I will also record some of the things on that only 

Vineet (36:54.47) 

E-Image? Oh, I never heard of it. E-Image. Okay, we’ll put a link in the show notes for this one. Yeah, yeah. Yes, we should support it. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (37:11.021) 

while I go for seashores I will be recording my long exposure shots in that only because it is a sturdy tripod where ever the wind is, the wind let it come around 30 kilometers per hour it can hold the wind, that will be the one of the best thing, the wind cannot even take out that is the main thing. 

Vineet (37:29.646) 

Any questions? 

And how heavy is it? Is the tripod itself, is it heavy to carry? 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (37:36.493) 

Yeah, it is like around 2 and half to 3 kgs only the tripod will be. So it is heavy only, quite heavy side. But when you are going to hilly region you need to have these kind of tripods or else you know the winds will affect your images. 

Vineet (37:43.33) 


Vineet (37:52.662) 

No I’m asking because I’m flying soon so I should… 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (37:55.906) 

No, no, if you want lightweight this one tripods, there are lightweight tripods which is too costlier like 40k, 50k. 

that those kind of we do not have that kind of budgets, many people will start from the budget photography, so only we are explaining what and the 7K, 8K you can get good tripods like sturdy tripods that is more than enough or else I will upgrade to 15000 my budget is means then you can go for Manfrotto which is amazing tripod you have, Manfrotto aluminium tripod which is good. 

Vineet (38:05.954) 

to the hospital. 

Vineet (38:30.078) 

And I will say actually if you have friends coming from abroad these things are actually like I bought a good Manfrotto tripod for 4K in UK which was here 9K. So if you have friends coming from abroad use them well. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (38:45.485) 

you can just you can say them but the thing is again coming back to the point if he is carrying lot of gadgets that will be also a biggest deal for him and customs will definitely handle him like. So if there are many people who are coming from abroad like 10 members or 12 members with them so that will be a worthy to share everyone and they can bring it. 

Vineet (39:07.614) 

Be smart about it, but absolutely if somebody is coming from abroad, like see, you might know the person in the room. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (39:12.557) 

One one product you can get it not a problem at all. The thing is just I totally agree the pain which we photographers face I agree to the point which you are saying. 

Vineet (39:21.134) 

Because lenses and all now prices here are pretty good. Lenses, even camera bodies prices here are pretty comparable. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (39:27.169) 

No, no, you compare to Dubai or else compare to other countries, here it is quite expensive only. It is quite expensive but again coming back to the point the flight ticket if you are purchasing and if you are going to there and come back same price will be managed over here. 

Vineet (39:47.81) 

So it can finance your trip, look at it that way. It can finance your holiday. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (39:51.885) 

That thing if you think about, if you think like that, yes of course that will be a worthy trip and will be sponsored for yourself and go for going a trip, that will be also there. 

Vineet (40:02.21) 

Yeah, but lenses and filters and all, I still feel that there’s a huge price difference. Oh, sorry, not lenses, I meant like filters and all these accessories. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (40:08.641) 

No, actually what you know, no, no in the Indian market we do not have the producers, more producers of these kind of gadgets. That is the main problem of us. So if it comes over here only we can challenge and we can go with that, that is the main thing. Because Japan and Korea both the company, both places have the companies and they are playing the major role in filters. Where companies K and F, Haida and. 

somewhere some of the other companies are also there but Haida and K and F is playing lot of this one lot of things. 

Vineet (40:47.578) 

I’m going to say something that might be controversial these days. I don’t know. I miss AliExpress. I used to love AliExpress. I really do. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (40:54.913) 

Yeah, I agree but the thing is but here there are two major market shareholders, these are all market shareholders where these people produce a lot of things. K and F, K and F as I have seen since many years they are ruling in market. They are actually compared to Haida they are cheaper, quite cheaper and they are 

Vineet (41:05.302) 

Which ones? Get it, get it. 

Vineet (41:18.375) 

And there’s a friend of mine who has a store in Gurgaon, Boltlinks. They have just launched a brand called 20 FPS. Now I haven’t used their products,  

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (41:22.221) 


T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (41:28.089) 

Soon soon please link it because we are happy to use our Indian products though. 

Vineet (41:32.158) 

Exactly, I want to support Indian manufacturers as well. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (41:34.777) 

because we too have our Indians to get up in the market like these people and let them also come and show how beautiful they have done. Well no, definitely Indian products are also qualitatively good now, it’s being good as I see. 

Vineet (41:45.578) 


Vineet (41:50.398) 

And in fact, even after this, we record this, if you can think of any other good Indian brands, let me know, we’ll add it to the show. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (41:56.609) 

I hope I can just suggest some, SJCam is now they have been producing in India only now, SJCam has come to India. No, no, actually many of the vloggers they are going with SJCam only. SJCam is good for vloggers who are budget based vloggers or vloggers who are, no, yeah, it’s a GoPro type thing but it goes with 4K also, 4K resolution. 

Vineet (42:03.41) 

Oh! How is the quality? Like I had an SJ can many years ago, I wasn’t from Pune. 

Vineet (42:15.405) 

It’s a GoPro type thing, right? 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (42:23.021) 

Now they have upgraded to 4K 60 FPS which is coming for only 9000 rupees. 

Vineet (42:28.514) 

That’s a good one. That’s a good one. That’s a really good price for 4K. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (42:30.341) 

that is great actually 4K 30 FPS for 9K and you need 60 FPS means for 15 or 20K something behind it and DJI is the major competitor for these people. He is getting 25K only, he is getting all kind of stuff, 25K if you are eligible to pay 25K for a GoPro means for normal GoPro, you go with the DJI’s GoPro which is good 

Till date there is no issue, I am using 2019’s GoPro with me DJI Action. So still date there is no problem in recording or any of these things. 

Vineet (43:09.738) 

No, because I was discussing with Akshay Kannade, we were doing an episode. He is basically a drone photographer. I was discussing with him like we need more Indian companies in the drone market. Like it’s a monopoly right now. TGI is a monopoly in drones. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (43:13.669) 

Ha ha. Ha ha ha. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (43:19.941) 

Obviously we say that see some of the drone companies must come and we need to have our FPV drones makers over here. We need our frequent drone producers for FPVs. 

Vineet (43:36.224) 

Exactly, exactly. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (43:36.869) 

that is what the thing ok. Next, next I can say that long exposure will affect your investment also. If you are investing more and more it will affect your investments because once you get one filter that won’t get satisfaction for you people whoever it may be. Again it will ask one more filter you purchase and one more other kind of filter half with no when you are going for a sunset. 

Vineet (44:01.454) 

Give me an example. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (44:05.817) 

when you want to take a sunset with sunburst, sunburst image we will call that star kind of thing will come into sun right, so we call it as sunburst. Sunburst when you are taking when sunset is happening with bulb mode, so what happens this will completely cut the light, completely cut the light, so many people want the light should be there in bottom and the sun must not get over exposed that is it. So there comes the market filters like half with half ND, half ND. 

So half Indy costs you more than full Indy. 

Vineet (44:39.138) 

Hmm, that’s a new one. And you can’t do that. And you can’t replicate this within HDR photo. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (44:40.921) 


T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (44:44.977) 

No, no, we cannot do that is the problem. What happens where this smoothness will be there, you cannot replicate with HDR, that is the problem, smooth. We can but the thing is again they can make out that is an editing, they can make out. See when you produce a proper image through your filters, there something the satisfaction level is different. 

Vineet (44:51.702) 

Like with bracketing also you can do that. 

Vineet (44:58.59) 

Better now. 

Vineet (45:07.902) 

And I will be a bit of a disinfluencer here when you’re buying filters. You don’t have to go for the most expensive ones, but please don’t buy Amazon basics. Don’t buy Amazon with it. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (45:15.053) 

I am not saying here to not go for expensive one but I am saying it kills our money, it kills our money because of its highest pay in the markets. See what you know everyone won’t be in TVS excel when they buy, definitely they will go for Ayabuza also one day or else at least if they don’t go for Ayabuza at least V-Storm 250 at least they will purchase. 

Vineet (45:27.942) 

I see. 

Vineet (45:40.106) 

Yeah, exactly. I’m just saying whatever even for a UV filter don’t buy Amazon basics. It’s cheap, but no, it is 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (45:48.425) 

And moreover people will not check the reliability of their cameras and they will purchase. First go and do R&D on your cameras, what is compatible with your camera and what is not compatible with your cameras and then you purchase the ND filters I am recommending 

Vineet (46:04.118) 

Yes, no research is important, research is very important. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (46:08.138) 

That is more important for this kind of photography. 

Vineet (46:10.794) 

Yeah because as you are saying these costs add up. You might think oh this one filter is like 1500 rupees but then you start buying 5 or 7 of them suddenly. Like they add up. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (46:18.845) 

is no point in that. So better that what you know one filter with other six kinds of grills which they give the round plates which it gives and which it supports for your camera hood. If you have 24-105 mm lens why do you go for only one filter which is round filter, go for the square ND filter which is good. They will give you a set of 10. 

various ND alternates where you can fit the same ND filter you can fit on every each and every lens. 

Vineet (46:57.291) 

That’s a good one. That’s a one time expense and then you spend the money. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (46:59.257) 

Yeah, that one time it cost you like 10k  

Vineet (47:17.294) 

 Now I’m going to very quickly ask equipment wise, what else do you carry? Power bank, obviously a power bank. USB-C power bank, thankfully it’s been standardized for every camera. Mostly all cameras are now on USB-C. What else? Equipment wise, what do you keep with you? 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (47:25.893) 

Obviously Power Bank. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (47:32.097) 

Yeah, I keep my DJ Osmo Action with me, which is GoPro kind of thing, because for sometimes for logging or else sometimes for time lapse. So log. 

Vineet (47:44.95) 

What is that? DJI Osmo Action. What is that? Is that a gimbal? It’s a camera. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (47:47.937) 

Osmo action is a go pro kind of thing, DJI small camera and a mic which is from digitech which cost you wireless and for vlogging its good and I can do vlogging wirelessly without any kind of stuff and I can easily keep like this. If wired one comes I need to clip here or else if it goes so far and I cant talk means my talk wont be audible for many things so that wont happen with my mic. 

Vineet (48:17.398) 

Digitech is also an Indian brand right? Now it’s no? 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (48:17.509) 

this one? No, no, it is foreign but collaborative, a collaborative life from India. 

Vineet (48:23.45) 

They have a lot of very well-priced stuff on Amazon. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (48:27.001) 

They are the market rulers when they come back to the point and my bag is filled with one drone which is from DJI India and I recommend if people, if Indian brands comes up with more beautiful than DJI please go for Indian brand only, if not still if you are purchasing before that, if nothing happened just go for DJI only, DJI is recommended brand from my 

Vineet (48:53.41) 

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. It is a monopoly, but it’s a monopoly for a reason, right? 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (48:56.345) 

No, not only monopoly, actually when you say other brands they don’t give you updates day to day, day to day, Parrot drone is there and many other drone is there, I have not seen the updates regularly, but these people will be there with the upgrades and also updates and also mainly these people will be aircraft concern, they will be having your, they will be having concern on your aircraft, there will be patch levels everywhere there will be patch levels and they will be improvising geo sensing locations. 

Where are the airports again? Every 15 or 20 days the updates will be regular for geosensing locations. 

Vineet (49:27.039) 


Vineet (49:32.642) 

That’s very important, you don’t want to be breaking the law. You don’t even want to risk it. That’s what he said. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (49:35.941) 

And it won’t even switch on, switch over the places where the nearest airport is. And if some people will do out of the, out of fun many people will do many things and they will caught, they will get caught and many things will happen. So I say and recommend people to not to take, when there is no photo zone please don’t go there and no drone zone please don’t fly the drone. That is what I can say people. 

Vineet (50:00.918) 

Yeah. And the other reason to go for DJI right now at least is the camera quality is so much better. Like the cheaper brands, the cameras are just, the contrast is very poor. There might not even be 4K.  

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (50:20.441) 

4K 15 FPS then coming back to the point that is a way long better you can go for GoPro 1 which is good, GoPro 1 first series will be there, there in market there will be second end available, GoPro 4 is available for second end that is for 3000 rupees you will be getting. 

I am not joking because I have seen many ads in Facebook, Insta, everywhere I have seen some people have posted that, way back, don’t go for that kind of thing, 4K 30 FPS at least, at least make sure 30 FPS of 4K resolution and if more then you go, please. 

Vineet (50:56.25) 

I am a big fan of buying used stuff. I buy and sell on Oilex all the time. Just if you’re starting off, take a friend. Yeah, don’t risk it because you never know because this is very delicate equipment. All of it lenses in the wall. You won’t even be able to tell if there’s fungus inside. Take a friend. Take a very, very well educated friend. Yeah. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (51:02.349) 

Yeah, yeah, please. That’s what I think. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (51:08.197) 

Yeah, yeah. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (51:15.549) 

and travel as wise you can and see the check the weather and check the places time to visit, time to visit will be there in every place. So time to visit will be the main reason when you are going to any location from your location, when you are going to Bhopal, when you are going to Himachal, when you are going to some other location. Himachal is best to see in every season everyone says but I recommend in September because 

Vineet (51:32.995) 


T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (51:44.025) 

There will be no snowfall, no snowfall and there will be quite sunny which is good for your body. Also, vitamin D will be no issue for you people, whoever it may be and you will get adjusted to the nature. That is what I can say. If you are a regular visitor for Himachal Pradesh, then I am not talking over anything 

Vineet (52:03.798) 

then they would know better. Perfect. I think that’s a good spot to end. We’ve covered a lot of topics today. A lot of ground. Thank you so much, Aritya. This has been a good one. Jai Hind, Jai Hind. Thanks for watching everyone. You are either seeing this on YouTube or listening to us on Spotify. Follow us and see you next week. Bye-bye. 

T M ADITHYA SHRAVAN (52:26.853) 

Thank you, bye. 

Vineet (52:29.942) 

This was good. 


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