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We’re back with another fantastic episode of Photosynthesis!

We spoke to Ravi Roshan today, a stock and portrait photographer. He has been doing this for a few years and has a massive presence on Pexels, the stock footage photography platform, with more than 39 million views of his images till date.
Let’s say you’ve been a hobby photographer for quite some time. Now you want to become a professional. How can you start? How do you develop your skills to become a professional photographer? How do you learn and improve your skills by working as an assistant photographer? How will you get your first project? What is the importance of building your website? Is creating an online presence necessary? What benefits will you get by uploading on stock platforms like IndieVisual, Pexels, etc?
We discussed all these relevant questions and heard some practical tips from Ravi in today’s session.

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References mentioned in the podcast –
Kunal Malhotra’s YouTube Channel
Indievisual’s Stock

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ravi roshan (00:21.037) 

Vineet (00:34.059) 

Hello and welcome back to Photosynthesis where we talk to some of India’s best young and old, depending on whom I’m talking to, creators in the photography and videography space to find out more about the art and the business of photography in India. Today we have with us Ravi Roshan from Bihar, stock and portrait photographer. Hi Ravi. 

ravi roshan (00:36.692) 


ravi roshan (00:56.903) 

Hi Vinit, thank you Vinit. 

Vineet (01:00.398) 

And today we will talk about if someone is interested in photography and has explored it as a hobby and wants to become a professional How to start off? So, Ravi has basically been doing this not very long, for 3 years but already he has a major following on Pexels I think you have some 39 million views of your photos on Pexels is a stock footage platform international, very big one 

ravi roshan (01:23.583) 


Vineet (01:29.478) 

That’s a huge and I think it was saying your all time rank is 1.4k which is quite huge. Quite impressive. So how did you start? Like where did you get your interest and how did you start this journey? 

ravi roshan (01:29.757) 


ravi roshan (01:37.116) 


ravi roshan (01:44.948) 

When I was in intermediate, I was very interested in photography career. But due to being a computer science student, I could not get much time to start this career. But when I came to my graduation, I felt that I should try myself in this field. Because it is said that you should try every field and see what you can do. 

ravi roshan (02:13.024) 

I had a phone, I was not starting with DSLR, I started with a phone and I started clicking random shots. And when I clicked, I used to post it. And the response that came after the post was very shocked for me because everyone thought that this person was using DSLR. Because I used to use portrait, like I used to take it out of the wallpaper of the flower. So their result was that they thought that I was taking out the image from the professional DSLR. 

But I knew that I was doing it with my phone So I told a close friend that I do it like this, I do it like this He was very surprised He said that you do it You do it better So I did Youtube Everyone knows that if you want to learn it for free then obviously I also explored on Youtube how to enhance mobile photography So I did this for about 3 months and worked with interest 

at my level that when I clicked the photo then I found out that there is a website called freehashdoc where you can put your photos and there are some things like being featured. Being featured means that those photos are available on that website. If someone comes and searches for it then it is available for them. So from my phone… 

Vineet (03:31.078) 

So basically search results come up. 

ravi roshan (03:34.436) 

search result is upper hand so i clicked 50-60 photos and put them on it but 50-60 photos didn’t have that feature so maybe probably after 65 photos i put one photo which got featured so i got to know what that feature is when that photo got featured then second day it got downloaded around 1kk so i got motivation that people are downloading these photos so i got to know that 

These photos are better than the previous 65 click So I learned from all these things what are the cons and what are the problems So I improved my skills And when I was uploading 10 photos, my 5 photos were getting featured So this is how I got the initiative and motivation Because of which I got more motivation and appreciation 

and you try those things better so the same was happening with me then this journey continued that one day my elder brother came and he saw my result that you are growing well on pixels means you are going in the right direction till then I had almost featured 100 photos so he told me that my financial was a little weak then only so he said that I will arrange something for you DSLR 

So that day was very surprising for me. It was my birthday and he took me by surprise. Whatever he did was very… I mean, it’s very important to have a big brother role. I was feeling like that day. Because he took me by surprise and gave me a Canon 3000D. He brought me with a prime lens with 50mm. Because he had a little idea. Because whenever I sat with him, I would say that I will get a prime lens with 50mm. So I will destroy it. What will I do? So… 

That night with me, I can’t forget it I didn’t sleep all night I read about the settings of the exposure triangle on YouTube Each and everything I was waiting for the morning As soon as it will be morning, I will be outside I had charged the battery fully It was sunrise at 6 in the morning I didn’t come out till the time 500-600 shots were not completed And the battery was not down So, things happen when you get motivation 

ravi roshan (05:58.332) 

You learn good things If you are a beginner photographer then you should learn things If you have some skills then improve it So I kept improving daily and after a year I got such a time that when I used to take shots I knew that these photos will be featured So I used to get confirmation while taking shots because it is said that your experience is not wasted 

you learn a lot from experience so same thing happened with me now I was at this level that not even a single shot of mine was wasted if I am shooting someone and I am taking a portrait then I know that this photo will be featured and this will not be featured so things happened like this and when I started using DSLR my friends were there so I tried that now this wallpaper is enough, now I will do some models 

Then I basically went to the portrait and found out what all things are there in the portrait. You have to capture the feelings, where to show the main app’s shallow depth of field, how to show it perfectly. So I tried it. So I had a friend as a model and I tried it. It will still be in my gallery if you see the regression photography. You will get it. So I tried it and enhanced it. Every photo has started to have a feature. It has started to have a feature. 

So many photos were taken through many websites Even 20,000 plus websites using my photos And from that side, the backlink they gave or whatever SEO they did that Ravi Roshan is the keyword in India If you write Ravi Roshan, then my link comes So all these things went like this and then I learned portrait and then I kept developing my skills 

So things happen when you realize that you have this skill and you do well in it. So learning is always important.  

Vineet (07:57.57) 

So now I, in fact at that point, so I want to focus on online presence. 

ravi roshan (08:02.797) 

Ha, my norm. 

ravi roshan (08:11.121) 

Yeah. If hobby is to… Yes, online presence. If you talk about online presence, then it is very important at this time because every person now goes online and searches. If we have to search for the best photography in my location today, then what do we do? We go online, we do what we get on judge dial. So in the same way, if you have your online portfolio somewhere, then it is easy for you to… 

ravi roshan (08:38.924) 

to show that you work here and this is your work so there are many websites for you to work online like Vinit ji has an individual same is with us where we are doing our work and earning from there although this individual is very good I am feeling very good from other websites because the keyword that is not there just upload photos their team will do the keyword SEO they will do it themselves 

you just have to upload photos. So there are many websites like that. Yes. Yes, absolutely. So I saw, I compared what I thought was the best. The problem with Sutter stock so far is that you upload photos, you keyword, it is a time-taking thing. You do SEO yourself. So a photographer does not have the knowledge of SEO, the knowledge of keyword. 

Vineet (09:07.306) 

I don’t even need to say it. Thank you, Ravi. I don’t even need to say it. 

ravi roshan (09:31.464) 

Maybe you have to read it, but I have it, but many people are like this, they focus on capturing. So the individual is working like this, that you only give us photos, we will give you keywords, we will maintain SEO, we will sell, we will give you revenue. Many 

Vineet (09:45.034) 

Yes, because we saw this in the beginning, the problem was that there are tags in many photos, like shot of the day photo of the day I’m like, if someone is searching, if the buyer is searching, that doesn’t help He needs a specific keyword 

ravi roshan (09:47.6) 

Exactly. Yeah. Exactly. Update them all. 

ravi roshan (09:56.072) 

Vineet (10:00.418) 

So, that’s why SEO is so important. 

ravi roshan (10:23.824) 

I was putting 3 stocks on Pixels, and I was doing it on Sutter Stocks and on Alami as well. It’s also a get image. So I put my money on it. So what happens is that if you make it, then what I had was that if the individual has just come, and before that, if a person wanted to see what my work is, then I used to give my link so that he understands it once. 

Because no one has time to come to you and understand things. So online, you need to have a portfolio at this time so that you can give it a link, see the work. Like Vinit Sir said that he is able to see my rank, he is able to see my views, this is something attractive. If your portfolio does this, then the first impression is the best impression. So it should be there. There are many such platforms at this time 

never be afraid of rejection. Because rejection teaches you what is missing in your photos. Because when you get rejected, you get to know what is missing in your photos. Why it was not selected. Why it is not ready to be sold. So, yeah, it is very important to be rejected. If you want deep knowledge about what should be the corrections in your photos. 

Vineet (11:26.583) 

Thank you. 

ravi roshan (11:52.064) 

Reaction is important for that. Maybe if you put 10 photos and only one of them is selected, you don’t have to be upset. You don’t have to leave the platform. Learn from that platform. Maybe tomorrow you will learn. 

Vineet (12:02.798) 

So I, in fact, talking about the platform, I want to ask three things. First, how important is your website? Second, how important is the presence on Instagram? Third, any third party platform, like Shutterstock, like our new individual site, like Pexels, how important is it to be on that? So first, your website. 

ravi roshan (12:06.824) 


ravi roshan (12:10.493) 


Yes. Yeah. So my ha to my pal I’m he individual can I I’m key you as a as a photographer they go a 

ravi roshan (12:42.184) 

So individual is same, you don’t keep the collection in your gallery, you bring it here and they will keyword it, SEO it and they will share the revenue with you. So individual has a big role and you as a photographer keep your content, you are exploring, capturing the moment. So bring it here, many people needed it, individuals will fulfill their needs and you will get your revenue. So as a… 

Photographer, you should upload your photos here And as far as social media platform is concerned So, where does everyone update in today’s time? So, it’s on social media So, the way you are leveling up your skills So, your ID should also be made according to that You should keep showing people there what you were before And how your skills are improving now How your work is improving So, you should be on social media Even on Facebook or Instagram 

Reels are some air to Apple update Hona Baja. We hear key. Agar. Agar community me but a to put up a growth. Nihil Baraya. Can you? Mujah salakta to most probably Agar. Up Abhi se Agar start kar rahe ho to Apple daily. Kei Ake Reels Yabhi Ake photos Kuchh Bhi Karo Up update rohan up to date roh. A time as a I got up. Hosekta hai ki aapke aache reach ho jaayenge to Ek Sapta mein ab do thin kar rahe ho to chaleega. Lekin initially Agar. Abhi aapko best photographer ho to waha pe aapko jarod update roh. 

and third party I will not suggest third party because the first individual is the best enough because making that individual who was in trouble in third party drawback of that individual is individual so if you want to talk about third party if you want to know what was there before an individual so before an individual you can go to Dreamestime one of the website whose work is same 

You can go to Sutter stock, Alami stock, Pixar stock, but even if you take a challenge there, you can win an award, a revenue, a donation option, but it’s basically a free stock. You can make a portfolio there, but you can’t earn revenue. So that was it. 

Vineet (14:55.994) 

So, being on Pexels is free stock, so what are the benefits? First, your portfolio is there, so you get the search result. What other benefits do you get from being there? 

ravi roshan (15:06.329) 

How? What benefits do you get there? I want to share with you what happened with me. What happened with me was that when people visited my gallery, if they are Indians, then why does anyone come to take photos on the website when they need it? For example, I want to give an example. My photo is viral. It’s a bank, actually a photo of notes, which has notes of 100 rupees and some coins etc. 

So that has been used a lot in writing articles. When the budget articles come, then those photos are very much in Times of India, or fobs.com, etc. So they come to that place. So what happens is that when that person is downloading, then he feels that if I talk directly to the photographer, then I will tell him about me and he will do the work. So from there, basically a lot of work has come from me till now. Like the person who is downloading, and he is the owner of the company, 

So he reaches me directly. So this way you connect with many people. Or someone from your community. Like an Indian photographer who wants to learn something. So he directly approaches you. Or I also directly approach people. I basically connect with the community. And if you are a creative creator, then you get work from there too. Even if they reach you. So this way it is helpful. 

And it tells you a level of how you are performing, what ranking you are running, because it is very important to know this at least. 

Vineet (16:32.69) 

And most people send your pixels profile or your own website 

ravi roshan (16:38.884) 

My website has not been uploaded yet. I am planning to upload my personal website. But most of the time, my website is uploaded from there. Because whenever someone comes to me, I ask them what resources they have. How did you reach me? So most of the time, they will answer me through fixus.com. 

Vineet (17:02.06) 


ravi roshan (17:07.412) 


ravi roshan (17:25.499) 

Any question again? 

Vineet (17:28.506) 

So now we talk about skill development. If someone is a hobbyist, and wants to become a professional, wants to find a job, first of all hardware, what do you recommend? On budget, how should someone start off? And secondly, how should skill development be done? To become a professional. 

ravi roshan (17:31.336) 


ravi roshan (17:40.169) 


Vineet (17:55.511) 


ravi roshan (18:07.01) 


ravi roshan (18:12.416) 

Everyone wants to improve their skills. So you have a lot of interview of photographers, podcasts or through them a lot of channels are educated on YouTube from where you can learn things for free. There are a lot of foreign photographers, Indian photographers who are telling their experience how to use equipment, how to use everything, they are explaining everything. So don’t even think about skill development. 

ravi roshan (18:41.172) 

Photographers are related to up simply you to pay out she’s a go search girl or improve girl or secondary It’s kebada platform out there is a job of beneficial What that job of kissy a chip photographer after a chat is key under me? Apple come from a bar. Jerry. He’s a boy different with what the air job a Plathons a secret or the to immediate Joe a mind with questions out of the answer of a human It’s a way to go down top came under a job 

So, I would say that whatever the theoretical part is, or the lecture, whatever you are watching, related to photography, you should watch it even. But you will have to work under a photographer for a few days, you will have to take experience because that is very important. Because you should see practical things, correlate with those things. So, you should go to an experienced photographer, ask for their time. Although, no one has time, but if you… 

you will have curiosity and if you want to do something creative then you should definitely help because our community is such that it never says no if you have come to learn then they will definitely teach you and will teach you better so my advice is that as a hobbyist you should start work on skills take some knowledge and after that you feel that you can learn from someone you can go to many studios and see that you feel that the studio is like this 

There are many good photographers who have worked hard on their skills and are being run by them. The mentality of people is that this photographer has come to the wedding, but no one can be like him. So you must learn from someone. And then what is next? 

ravi roshan (20:35.356) 

As an assistant, you get to learn a lot. Because the practical session is very helpful for you. And as far as equipment is concerned, photography is the game of the lightning. If you have an understanding of lightning, then equipment comes. But first you need to have a lot of knowledge of lightning. There is exposure triangle, there are many settings for lightning. There are many settings in different level DSLRs. 

For example, you have taken a DSLR of an entry level and you are using a professional R6 and if you are using Canon 200D Mark II, then there is a lot of gap in setting. But you can’t say that you can’t learn from there. As a hobby photographer, you can learn from the 200D Mark II. You don’t need to use the R6 for better results. You will meet a lot of good photographers, right? So they will get a result from the 200D Mark II that you can’t get from the R6 as a beginner. So the game of creativity and the game of lighting setting is… 

experienced person even from the entry level DSLR because he knows the composition, the framing he knows the lighting 

Vineet (21:41.779) 

The sensor is a sensor. Now I have the latest Sony A7IV. The sensor quality and maybe A7III, A7II, the sensor quality doesn’t matter. The features keep improving. So I will get faster autofocus. But to be honest, I will get so much autofocus with the old camera that I can take amazing photos. 

ravi roshan (21:47.271) 

exactly here. 

ravi roshan (21:55.396) 

features in to body. 

ravi roshan (22:03.996) 

Exactly. So that’s what I said. If you are a hobbyist, you can find a lot of cameras within a budget of 1 lakh. I just heard that R10 has come. So it is coming in very less. Maybe around 80,000. 

Vineet (22:18.211) 

I think it is around 80-85 thousand 

ravi roshan (22:22.221) 

Exactly. So, you have that option. Don’t take it too expensive in the beginning because you will learn. 

Vineet (22:27.61) 

I would say R10 will be very overkill In the beginning, there is no need Like, start slowly and once you know what you want After that Buy an expensive camera First use OLX Think of friends 

ravi roshan (22:31.988) 

Ha, maybe. 

ravi roshan (22:38.96) 

Yes Exactly So basic as I started I will suggest that even if you want to learn as a hobby take the first dslr Take a normal second hand dslr because first learn things Don’t go in advance because your money will be wasted because you know that you have spent two years and you can’t utilize that dslr Because you are a beginner photographer, you are not utilizing the full power dslr, it is useless 

So don’t invest in it. If you want to learn then you can get 2ndhand DSLR or any other under 50,000 of Canon. You will get Mark 2. You can easily pick it up without any hesitation. Vinit Ji, maybe Mark 2 will be very good for beginners to learn. Canon 200D Mark. 

Vineet (23:22.206) 

I think 5D Mark II will be very good 5D Mark II and 50mm 1.8mm lens is a good combination You will get it at a good price on OLX There is no need to buy a new one Once you have worked for 1-2 years When you know what features you want for your type of photography Then go and buy it 

ravi roshan (23:29.undefined) 


Yes, yes, yes. No. 

ravi roshan (23:42.032) 

yes then go and invest on it then lenses are very expensive for us so when you get to know what your profession is then you spend on lenses according to that because for wildlife they are different lenses if you are doing portrait then 50mm f1.4 f1.8 85mm is enough for you so you should know what you are doing so according to that your equipment should be there 

Vineet (24:11.822) 

So this was online portfolio building And this was how to improve your skill level Is there any youtube channel that you would recommend? Which you have seen Your favourites 

ravi roshan (24:15.231) 


is here. 

ravi roshan (24:22.892) 

I watch him Sorry Kunal Malhotra sir I watch his videos He explains everything from the base level There are many things You can watch You can follow the photographers you like There are many YouTube channels 

Vineet (24:47.138) 

ravi roshan (24:49.481) 


ravi roshan (24:55.631) 

I don’t feel like it right now because I… 

Vineet (24:59.21) 

And the third part is, and this is a very important part that I have seen that some people ignore. How do I figure out how to get the first project? Somebody has to pay for my work. Someone should like my work so much that they are paying for it. Now this hobby is over. Now I have to get professional work. 

ravi roshan (25:02.844) 

Yeah sure sure. We’ll try to do this. Yeah, I recommend. 

ravi roshan (25:18.016) 


Vineet (25:26.71) 

So how do I figure out what is my niche, my area, my domain and secondly, how do I go out and find work, who should I talk to, how do I start 

ravi roshan (25:30.772) 

Yes, yes. 

ravi roshan (25:37.301) 

Exactly. So this problem is very common and because of this many people leave their profession because they don’t know, they don’t get work. So then they think at one time that something is not happening, I have learned photography and nothing is happening, so how to do this. So what happened to me, I want to share with you, maybe it will be helpful for you, the way it happened to me. So what happened to me is that 

You will be given work only when you have some kind of uniqueness, some creative arts Because there are many photographers nowadays So they should be given work that is very different and impressive So first of all, you should work on your skills so that you will get confidence that if you are getting your first opportunity, it should not be missed Your first client should be happy with you 

First of all, improve your skills. As far as where you will get your work from, for that, in the beginning, everyone has to struggle in life. So, someone coming to you is not going to give you work. Understand this. It can be a very good condition that someone saw you on Instagram and liked your work. Then he is reaching you. That is a very rare case. But that will happen only when your Instagram reaches that much. 

So, if you think that you can do product photography in the beginning because you start in commercial because you are doing photography for a long time and you are not earning anything so it will affect your mind that something is not happening my time is also low and I am not earning money people say this at home too so you can start commercial you can go to wedding you can do fashion photography 

you can capture small events but I have told you all these topics where you can work but how will you get work I have told you this field but how will you get work so start at a small level where you are see which studio is working and how they get work you reach the studio then show them your work that I work like this 

ravi roshan (27:59.212) 

the photographer they have and what’s the difference in your work if for a second they feel that you are a good portrait photographer then they won’t tell you damn sure that you work with me or I give you the next job but yes, they will definitely take care of you and if ever their person is absent for any work then they will call you and you don’t have to miss that opportunity 

And if you get that opportunity and you make your client happy Then you understand that your door has been opened One door has been opened Now your reach will increase automatically Because when you join a studio You are working with them You are working outside People are watching your work It may be that you have worked somewhere Their client saw it And their colleagues saw it with them So what happened is that they liked your work And they liked it so much that when something is happening next time They are directly approaching you 


Vineet (29:10.91) 

And it’s important to go out. At home, you just need to develop skills. So skill is very important, but you can’t do it alone. Like you said, portrait photography. Portrait photography is a technical skill. You know, how to use light, depth of field. But also working with people, working with people, making them pose, looking at composition. All this will be understood by sitting in front of people. 

ravi roshan (29:25.808) 

Exactly! Haan, very good! 

ravi roshan (29:35.449) 

a lot of things when did all these things come with me? when I became a part of pre-wedding I also reached the studio and I found out that my next film is going to be there were many people in pre-wedding who were taking landscapes were taking many zoom out photos and I also had a role in it that I was working as a portrait photographer so what was in my mind that how will I do it so I said that when 

You feel that confidence should not be lacking. So when you work under someone, and then you work on your skills, then you become clear with all these things. So before I started my first pre-wedding as a professional, I worked under a lot of people. And I worked on my skills. I had that confidence that I know that the couple has to pose like this. This will be my frame, this will be my composition, I have to use my lightning. So I was very, very… 

It was very clear, very cool. It is said that if you suddenly get a job, then everyone has hesitation. You don’t have comfort. Because of which your work gets spoiled. But if you keep working, then you will get any work. So you can send it. Because you have experience, you know. So the same happened with me. Client came. So I was at the location and now my term has come. Now everyone else’s work is over. I have to take a portrait. 

I have to shoot 10-15 portraits and the work will be done. So, I had recognized many things before that. Other photographers were also working at that time. So, I was looking at things, how they were talking, how they were posing. Then I also saw a lot at the same time that what poses I have to fix. I scrolled and saw on Google what work I have to do, which shots to take. Then I showed the client how to do it. And as a photographer, you should have a lot of knowledge about poses. 

because you can find clients of different types if you find a model yes if you find a model then yes if you find a model then no problem it will be very easy for you I have felt that if I find a model then it will be very easy just focus on your frame, on composition, on light don’t take any tension of posing but it doesn’t happen because you are doing wedding, pre-wedding so what is your client’s you can’t know 

Vineet (31:28.374) 

They don’t know, they don’t have the expertise 

Let’s move in nervousness. 

ravi roshan (31:54.381) 

So you should know the poses and the poses that are trending. I told you to stay on Instagram for trending so that you can know what many community photographers are doing. So you should definitely stay there.  

ravi roshan (33:35.136) 

out there. 

Vineet (33:50.553) 

ravi roshan (33:55.697) 

Vineet (33:58.786) 

ravi roshan (34:02.141) 


Vineet (34:20.977) 


Vineet (35:04.886) 

So Ravi, I will ask you one last question. We were talking about some other tips, some other photography challenges in the morning. Is there anything that can be done to improve your skill? 

ravi roshan (35:12.936) 


ravi roshan (35:18.757) 

Definitely. You should always take challenges because you get to learn a lot from them. And when you win in challenges, that motivation takes you far ahead. So definitely there are many such challenges. If you come to any photography contest, then do participate. And whatever the requirement is, because in different photography challenges, different types of photographs are required. For example, if there is an ocean photography. 

or a nature photography then you can take your photos and upload them and when you put them in the challenge then you will know what did the creators see and what did you see with your eyes and see the rest because the perspective of seeing is very important in our photography life 

ravi roshan (36:08.664) 

I am seeing a couple from one angle and my friends are also seeing from one angle but when two photos are clicked somewhere the third person likes only one photo so that’s why there must be some lack in me so always take challenges because when you come in a challenge, you get to know your level because everyone is doing photography on the same topic but only one person will win 

So it’s not as important as winning. Even if you lose, there’s no problem. Just see what you missed. What was missing in your vision. So challenges as a photographer are very important. And I want to tell you that in the year of 2021, I have won the Global Award on pixels. Which was the Navratra Challenge. So my rank was third. So as an Indian photographer, I have won the award on pixels. 

Vineet (36:58.934) 

Hmm. Huh. 

ravi roshan (37:08.288) 

in 2021 So don’t miss the challenge Yeah 

Vineet (37:10.126) 

Yes, so this is a big motivation. You should do this. And that is, get yourself out there, keep doing it, work hard. 

ravi roshan (37:16.772) 

Exactly, so I’m telling you the feeling when I won the challenge, I got an email in the morning I checked the mail in the morning, so I felt like something has happened today Okay, I called my friends, without them knowing I was going to cut the cake I said I’m doing anything, I just felt like something happened today, something good happened, very good So you should definitely take the challenges and I had a starting time when I 

I used to live with challenges. Now I am used to such things. So, it’s okay. But you definitely get a lot of learning from challenges. 

Vineet (37:55.91) 

Exactly. Keep learning. Keep learning and keep learning. Eventually, hopefully, something good will come soon. Thank you, Ravi. It was a very interesting conversation. I wanted to talk about individuals, but you have said so much that I am ashamed. So I won’t say it. 

ravi roshan (38:06.598) 


ravi roshan (38:25.63) 

I mean you 

Vineet (38:59.583) 

Thank you and thank you for your advice. If you are a beginner, please listen carefully. Because you have got very practical advice from Ravi today. Thanks Ravi, thanks for joining us. Thank you and thanks for watching. Bye bye, see you next week. 

ravi roshan (39:08.912) 

Yeah. Thank you, Vinay. 


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