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The Top 5 Best Video Production Companies in Mumbai 




Be it a promotional reel for 90 seconds or full explanatory content – videos attract the audience and keep them engaged more than other modes. Video production is at the top of the list, from building brand awareness to increasing sales. Catchy visuals paired with appropriate audio come together with spot-on storytelling ideas, and the viewers are captivated quickly.  

Larger-than-life movies are the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning Mumbai. In a city like that, where everyone seems to know about video shooting, acting, production process, etc., finding proper and trustworthy video production companies can be challenging for anyone aiming at strategic marketing. 

Here is a handpicked list of companies providing video production services in Mumbai for you to avoid confusion. Choosing the right one will enable you to reach the right audience and acquire the correct response.  

Video Production Companies in Mumbai: The Five Toppers 

1. IndieVisual 

IndieVisual shines as a versatile video production company, offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to diverse needs. Whether creating corporate videos, testimonials, or ad films, IndieVisual caters to varied requirements, making it a reliable choice for a clientele with a short attention span. What truly distinguishes IndieVisual as the best video production company in Mumbai is its extensive industry coverage. From real estate and travel to finance, banking, and healthcare, IndieVisual excels in visual storytelling, ensuring clarity without overwhelming the audience with complex ideas or facts. 

The meticulous attention to complementing both video and audio elements sets IndieVisual apart. From captivating hospitality videos that transport viewers to scenic landscapes to healthcare videos emphasizing smooth and painless services, IndieVisual caters to diverse audiences. Even for those unfamiliar with finance or banking intricacies, the clarity and finesse of IndieVisual’s videos make them universally appealing. 

IndieVisual’s unique strength lies in its nationwide network of skilled creators, ensuring diverse perspectives and efficient production. The company’s commitment to timely delivery is showcased through automated processes. Notably, collaborations with renowned companies like Philips, Aviva, Barosi, and more underscore IndieVisual’s dedication to client success, solidifying its position as a leader in the video production landscape. It truly has your back for all the videos you need! 

2. Pixel Carving 

Pixel Carving, a video production company based in Mumbai, has been operating since the early half of 2017. With six years of experience, it offers services such as TVC, brand films, and corporate filmmaking. The agency has developed a portfolio with clients like UltraTech Cement, Salesforce, Munich RE, and Upstox. 

Pixel Carving provides a range of services categorized into six main areas: TVC and Ad film video production, corporate video production, animated explainer videos, infographic explainers, music videos, and promotional videos. The agency aims to deliver creative messaging through these services. 

Their animated explainer videos aim to convey micro information visually, while infographic explainers present information attractively. Additionally, Pixel Carving enhances clients’ music through visually pleasing media in music videos. The company promises that promotional videos will garner reach on social media platforms. 

With years of experience, Pixel Carving is positioned as a professional choice for video production services, not just in Mumbai but across the country. 

3. Orange Videos 

Orange Videos, operating as a corporate video production agency in Mumbai since mid-2016, provides professional video production services to brands, businesses, and conglomerates. The company aims to assist clients in achieving their goals through video content. Orange Videos emphasizes punctuality, professionalism, and work ethic. Over the years, it has gained recognition through a varied clientele, including top Indian brands like the Future Group, Total Energy, Schindler, Charak Pharma, and Coats. 

Orange Videos offers eight broad services to clients, including video strategy formation, corporate videos, product videos, aerial videography and photography, 2D and 3D animation, explanatory videos, digital ad films, and physical photoshoots. The company aims to cater to diverse demands with this variety of services. With a focus on professionalism and a track record of serving notable brands, Orange Videos positions itself as a standard video production company, available to meet various video production needs in the market. 

4. Zoom Mantra 

Zoom Mantra Productions operates in and around Mumbai, providing video production services since the agency’s inception. High-profile clients from across the country have utilized the agency’s services, with a portfolio encompassing both video production and photography. In the video production division, Zoom Mantra Productions offers product explainer videos, short ad films, corporate film production, commercial film services, products, and YouTube videos. These services have received positive ratings from the agency’s clientele, which includes brands like Nykaa and Tata, along with various A-list celebrities. 

Under the photography division, Zoom Mantra Productions provides services such as creative photography, product photography, fashion photography, e-commerce photography, and more, contributing to a diverse portfolio. The agency, led by a group of young professionals, is praised for their passion for work, and their success is attributed, in part, to youth engagement. While working with Zoom Mantra for video production needs, clients are expected not to be disappointed. 

5. 8K Entertainment 

8K Entertainment and Media Production, a video production agency operating in Mumbai since 2010, has served high-profile clients nationally and internationally. The agency’s reputation has grown over the years, attracting A-list and high-profile clients and establishing itself as one of the prominent players in the field. Known for its trustworthiness and reliability, 8K Entertainment offers a variety of industry services. 

The agency’s portfolio includes event management, video shooting, multi-camera live production, live streaming, webcasting, animated videos, event photography, and dedicated wedding shoots. The combination of expertise and experience has contributed to 8K Entertainment’s recognition as one of the top video production companies in Mumbai. Choosing 8K Entertainment is a great choice, as the finished video reflects the depth of professionalism executed by the company. 

Choose the best production company today! 

As video production is becoming increasingly important for content creation, choosing the right video production house is of utter importance. Tally the services and ratings of the companies mentioned above. You can communicate with people who have already used their services and are satisfied. Hope you soon find the company that best suits your needs! 

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