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Employee Testimonial Videos: The Secret Sauce to Successful Recruitment

As the saying goes, every drop of water makes the ocean huge. The same can be seen in the corporate world. Each talented employee, with their talent and service, can elevate the company’s status to a great extent. Which is why it is very important for the company and employers to attract and recruit such brilliant minds to their team.  

Among all the possible ways to attract the young generation of potential employees, one of the most effictive is through employee testimonial videos. They are the secret behind the top brands and companies receiving the applications of some of the best employees that help the company flourish. Let us know more about employee testimonial videos. 

What are Employee Testimonial videos?

These are videos that take testimonies from the current employees working within the company or brand. The employees speak about their experience working with the company and how it has been beneficial for their career. Basically, an endorsement of the company or brand and why one should be a part of it. For the audience such testimonials give us an insight into the working of the company. Testimonials can be in any form but the most effective and engaging among all is through videos. Already attractive and impactful, videos are also flexible in terms of sharing and reachability. Hence, employee testimonial videos have the power to attract capable employees to the company.  

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Why are Employee Testimonial videos so important?  

Easy Shareability and Wider Reach 

One of the very first reasons is simply the power that a video holds.  Thanks to social media platforms, videos can be shared easily in a short span of time across the globe. It is important to have the employee testimonial videos up on the main site of the company or main social media handles to attract job seekers. Communities often share such testimonial videos along with the positions and job opportunities, for which a video can be easily shared.  

Encourage Last-minute Holdouts

Testimonial videos of current employees working in the company or brand can prove to be highly beneficial to encourage recruitment of new and fresh talent within the organization. If someone you’ve selected is unsure of joining, seeing a couple of great employee testimonials can be that final tipping point for them to make their decision.  

Tell Your Story 

By combining the impact of videos and the power of testimonials, a company or brand can efficiently use the same to convey to the audience their story. Through the words of the employee in their testimonial, one can understand what the work environment and working of the teams in the company is like. Putting out the values, ethics and most importantly the story of the company and what you stand for can be greatly impactful to the potential employees. Not only does it induce a sense of belongingness but also builds meaningful connections between the current employees and the potential new ones.

Build Connections 

Adding to the last advantage is that of how employee testimonial videos help in building meaningful connections. These connections may not necessarily be between present and future employees. They can also be connections with important individuals from other firms, agencies or sectors. Apart from successful recruitment, this also helps the company evolve and flourish. Just the idea of seeing the company and its team in action along with the views of the employees themselves can be crucial difference-maker in the game.

Some Employee Testimonial Video Ideas 

A Day in the Life of an Employee 

These are one of the most trending video concepts on the internet right now. This type of video may not necessarily be in the form of a vlog but can be made professionally to suit the corporate sector showing the audience what a typical day is like in the life of an employee of your company or brand.  

Available Job Opportunities and Roles 

In this kind of video, the employees can talk about the various opportunities, that is the jobs and positions available for the potential employees looking forward to work with them. One can also display the various events, communities and teams that provide not just positional opportunities but also opportunities for growth. 

Why Employees Love Working at the Company 

Here, views of several current employees can be taken together talking and expressing why they love working there. This will be a great video to showcase the working culture and environment of the company or brand.  

FAQs about the Workplace or Company

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions can be a great type of video specifically directed towards answering the questions in the minds of the potential employees about the workspace and culture of the company or brand.  

Now with all that has been discussed about the advantages of the powerful combination of video and testimonials, one can definitely say that they are the secret sauce to successful recruitment. 

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