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“Royalty-free” refers to a type of licensing agreement that allows the purchaser to use an image without paying royalties or additional fees for each use.

Yes, you can use royalty-free images for commercial purposes as long as you adhere to the licensing agreement’s terms and conditions.

No, royalty-free images are not free. A fee is usually required to obtain the right to use the image, but once the fee is paid, there are no additional costs or royalties required for usage.

Restrictions on using royalty-free images vary depending on the licensing agreement. Generally, the restrictions include limitations on the number of times an image can be used, the type of use (such as editorial or commercial), and the distribution of the image.

In most cases, yes, you can modify a royalty-free image. However, the licensing agreement may have restrictions on how much modification is allowed, and whether the modified image can be used for commercial purposes.

No, you cannot resell royalty-free images, as the licensing agreement usually limits the usage to a specific project or purpose.

It depends on the licensing agreement. Some agreements require attribution, while others do not. It’s always a good idea to credit the photographer or agency if possible, as it helps promote their work and can also help avoid legal issues.



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